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Have an App Idea? Don't forget to do these 7 things before contacting the app developer

Mobile applications or the digital apps running on smartphones bring a world of convenience to the end users and are also profitable for their developers and controllers. If you are a startup or have a creative App idea, you should carefully analyze and know whether your app will be solving the problem of any segment of the population/market.

After spending a good amount of time and efforts, many desiring to launch an app come to know that the app and idea are already in existence! Therefore it becomes necessary to delve deeper and create something that is new and valuable. You might be having the right and best app idea, but it is also important to do some pre-evaluation, analysis, and homework so that you can create a valuable app that offers all that the consumer desire. The app should bring to you best of monetary benefits and have other qualities as well. Therefore, if you have an app idea, do the 7 things given below before actually contacting an app developer, to be successful.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Most of the mobile application ideas today target a specific and given purpose or task. Audiences become important only when the marketing plan for selling the app is initialized. Just like the business plans and strategies laid for other products or services, you also need to carefully analyze the target audience or market that will have a demand for your mobile application. Knowing your audience will help you incubate the right features within your app that will be appealing to the audiences and the app will be downloaded more this way. When you know what the audiences want, you can bring the desired functionality and design features to your app easily.

2. Choosing The Right Mobile Platforms

Google's Android Play and Apple iOS are the two most popular mobile platforms and operating systems today, and when you have to launch a new app your choice boils down to these two. A digital application for the Android system is developed using the languages Kotlin or Java. In the same way applications for iOS platform are developed using languages Objective-C and Swift. Fortunately, there are new technologies and languages using which you can create a single app that can run on both operating systems. Some of these hybrid or cross-platform frameworks include Flutter and React Native among others. These two offer exclusive advantages and have their own challenges. It becomes important to you know more about the systems and digital ecosystems and knows which one can be used to target the desired audiences better.

3. Search For The Right Database

Consumers in the modern age have immense choices when it comes to apps. The urban and other users also rely on the apps for many of the important and other tasks, objectives, and goals of their life. If the app malfunctions, stalls, or glitches they may uninstall it immediately and choose a new one. Therefore you should be using a fast database and should make the best choice regarding the same. Apart from speed, the size, structure, security, and accessibility are some other aspects that you should also evaluate.

4. Security

Consumers today store lots of personal info into their mobile applications and safekeeping of this valuable information is important and necessary for you. You gain the trust of consumers in a long time, and any negligence and security lapse will shake this trust, which may even be irreparable. The issue of data privacy and security is equally important to app developers, users and app owners, as the information may include financial information in the form of credit /debit card numbers, bank account details, personal addresses and details, professional detail,s passwords and much more. Therefore while designing a consumer-centric app is important, see to it that your developer is reputed and has developed apps with world-class security.

5. Evaluate The Payment Gateway Options Present

Whether it is an E-Commerce application or any other, if you want to get the payments you should have clear thoughts about the payment gateway that should be embedded in your application. Choosing the right payment gateway is of utmost importance as it is a key functionality of your application that will enhance the customer experience. It should also be secure and reliable and should be a star in the crown, functioning expeditiously time after time and without any errors. There are a good number of options available to you but you should evaluate them in lieu of the kind of business you run, the app space, the frequency of payments and other factors to make the best choice.

6. Learning The Codes

Most people including many of the business owners are not coders. If you are planning to launch an app, it is good to have brief know-how about the process, programming languages, and coding. There is a range of both paid and free courses and online tutorials in areas including app development, while you can also get access to the articles, blogs, and literature on the subject. This way you will be able to know more about the basics as well as some tricks of programming, which will help you interact and communicate better and more effectively with the developers you hire. For being a master of coding and app development, you will have to spend years, while the basics can be learned in a few weeks or a month only. You can continue to concentrate on your main business/professional area, hire a leading and reputed app developer, and pay them the requisite price. Keep in touch, and communicate and interact with the developers on important issues through the new coding language knowledge that you have gained.

7. Monetization

A functional, feature-rich app that solves the problems or meets the needs of the users is liked by consumers worldwide and are downloaded by millions on the different operating systems. The open-source digital ecosystem sees to it that the customers need not part with their money for everything they do on the internet. But do not be discouraged as there are plentiful options for app monetization. Apart from selling your product and services directly, you can also monetize your app through other ways, including in-app advertising, paid app downloads and in-app purchases. There are other ways of monetization present as well, which will help you reap the benefits of your app.

Remember that app development is only a part of the process and you also need to keep a constant vigil on it and maintain it so that it can ward off the bugs and remain secure for the end users. When you have the right Idea and have taken care of the aspects given above, you will be able to communicate better with your developer and will have an app that has solid functional and security-related dimensions and foundations.

About The Author
James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT solutions. He is a marketing advisor - currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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