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Future of IOS App Development- Five Years down the Line!

Venturing into your first mobile app development project can be a frustrating proposition especially if you fail to give proper attention in selecting an operating system- And it's one that can have long-lasting ramifications.

Looking at the current mobile app realm, it seems to be growing at a fanatic pace. We are in a situation where rarely anyone would want to do that doesn't require the services of a specialized mobile app. Now I am pretty sure that you would come across several people stating that Android is way better than iOS, well we respectfully differ. With the ever-changing evolution of iOS as a platform, apps are leading the way to enhance these developments. A huge surge in iPhone design and development is seen these days.

IPhone App Development

Over the few years, iPhone app development has risen its level to become one of the best business ventures across the globe. The reason is pretty clear, as we can see every business whether small or big wishes to come with an effective platform to make their ideas, product or services known in no time. But have I mentioned this path won't be easy, yet?

Much like any other reputable operating system, iOS has established a strict standard that must be observed by every developer or designer willing to try his hands on the platform. For example, before creating an app for the iPhone store, based on the stipulated iPhone app development standards, it must undergo a thorough design and development process. This includes seamless UX/UI flows, thematic structures and continuity. Any organization looking to craft a standard mobile product on this platform must be will to follow and adhere to Apple's design paradigm.

When it comes to iPhone app, there is no limit as to what can be achieved on this platform. And you know what? There are lots of amazing benefits that can be derived from a well-executed digital transformation. Further below I would like to mention a few pointers that will be deciding the future of app development.

Introduction of Swift 4

With the introduction of SWIFT 4, app development market seems stagnant like never before. Being able to provide support for both iOS and Linux, Swift can recompile for TVOS and MacOS. In addition to this, it simplifies all app development procedures by simply scaling down the consumption of memory. Professionals now can introduce potent enterprise apps with the best use of enhanced features that come with Swift 4, which will perform better and be more secure. As a result, iOS development companies can now focus well on features and functionalities of an app.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, Artificial intelligence seems to have made their way unfolding many fronts across the globe. IOS app developers seem to be leveraging this golden opportunity to come up with more intelligent apps and integrate them easily. In fact, it may quite interest you to know that Apple recently came up with CoreML, a machine learning framework that allows iOS application development without any extensive coding. In addition to this, it also came up with several mind-boggling features like face recognition, barcode detection, object tracking, as well as improved security. CoreML can easily be utilized with Vision framework in order to classify different images as well as capture the images and then used with different external IoT sensors.

Augmented reality

It is assumed a few years down the line, the concept of augmented reality is about to rise. It will facilitate several development applications. With the support of Apple ARKit, iPad and iPhone users will experience which will redefine augmented reality. Although AR has proved its worth by offering gaming experience like never before. As a result, homeowners can easily previsualize how their home furniture will fit inside their homes. Not only homeowners but different service technicians can now visualize the equipment as well as the repair process in no time.

Homekit & Wearable Apps

With the huge availability of HomeKit framework, an entirely new world of iOS application development seems to emerge leading to better home automation. Several apps allowing homeowners can be found that easily control different devices using their iPhone or iPad. Gone are the days when they required to tap on any button. Siri, the iOS virtual assistant, is also evolving regarding intelligence and any voice command can essentially control the devices.

Apple watch is the best example when considering any wearable app. With the rise in easier integration of different devices with tablets and phones, people find themselves more driven towards such technology. With the inclusion of AR, these worth-having products can provide the much richer user experience.

Instant Apps

Last but certainly not the least, instant apps are something that users don't require downloading and install them. All they require to do is simply run the app in order to check if it suits their requirements. One can definitely choose to download it later on. Isn't it simply great!

About The Author
Rooney Reeves

Rooney Reeves is a content strategist and a technical blogger associated with well known firm for eTatvaSoft – Web, e-Commerce & Mobile App Development Company in India. An old hand writer by day and an avid reader by night, she has a vast experience in writing about new products, software design and test-driven methodology. Her write-ups mainly features anything and everything related to the web!
With the true passion for creating compelling content for online and offline media, Rooney has donned multiple hats over the past several years.

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