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All About The Latest iOS 13 And It's New Features

The iOS 13 update is something that people are waiting for in 2019. It's an agreed fact that Apple's hardware is second to none but to make it exceptional every time iOS needs to step up.

iOS 13 is not much a radical departure from iOS12 but it has updated in features and performances. You would possibly be counted as a fool if you doubt Apple's prospects.

Apple’s update has always come up with great features which have helped their users to increase productivity in their daily lives. The next major update of iOS is coming up in the summer of 2019. The news about iOS 13 update for your iPhone App Development has already gathered much traffic.

The anticipated September launch of iOS 13 is set to debut. Yes, you heard it right. It's schedule in September 2019.

The predictable schedule for the release is:

  • JUNE’19: Apple will demonstrate iOS 13 at WWDC.
  • JUNE'19: Right after the demo,beta version would be available for developers.
  • JULY'19: A public Beta version will be rolled out in July. It would be available for any Apple user who signs for it.
  • JULY-AUG'19: A series of Beta versions would be out. Each version would be coming closer to the final update.
  • SEPT'19: This would be the final public version update of iOS13.

The versions would keep on updating with smaller point updates such as iOS13.1 throughout the year 2019-2020.

Apple: The company is looking forward to turning the tables around in the year 2019. Official features of the update are still not out but we know that it exists.

No doubt that, there are many other smartphones in the market for the competition but iPhone users know what is stored for them in 2019 and that’s the reason iPhone App Development Company and it’s Manufacturer will not shift to any other new phone & its new feature apps till the release at least.

Apple's iOS 12 was indeed fantastic but, was a bit boring. It increased the performances, improved the battery life and reduced the downtime. But, it did not come up with any exciting features. That's where iOS13 comes in the picture. It is expected to have exciting new features though not experienced by anyone yet.

Yes, we spotted iOS13 :

Analytics software can actually see which operating system and devices are visiting the website. Visitors with iOS13 were spotted by MacRumors and BGR. It only suggests that iOS13 is under testing at the Apple. We yet can't predict any particular features from the data.

Some of the features were to be included in iOS 12 update but since few bugs could not be fixed, it is now to be released in iOS 13.

Here's everything we can share about the new iOS 13 feature update.

  • Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman discussed some of the expected features. He called it “Yukon” the code name for 2019 update.

    He described that Files will get revamped and there will be tabs in the apps. It will have two screen facility for the same app side by side. He also discussed an update related to Apple pencil.

    He pointed to redesign the Home screen to a new refreshing design.

  • Hi Siri, what's new?

    Siri already got important updates in iOS 12, but looking at the number of openings relating to Siri back in April at Apple and hiring Google’s former AI boss, we think it will come up with more and better updates. This will make Siri more useful.

    Siri now would be able to provide proactive suggestions on the lock screen for in-app actions. It is expected that Siri might be able to give a personalizing response to a call that can’t be answered.

    Currently, you only have the facility of receiving or rejecting an incoming call but with the patent application filed, it may be possible to automatically send a message to the caller.

    If the user has car-play integration, they would be able to see multiple message options on the screen. It will also include details of their location.

  • Snoozing Notification:

    This feature is available in the current OS but with certain limitations. With the iOS13, it is expected that a user can snooze the notification for a particular day, week or time.

  • Emoji search: Yes it was horrible earlier:

    An example of the horrible emoji search is: You search for a knife or a fork and you wouldn't get any emoji suggestion, though it is there in the section. The reason behind this was, this emoji was given under the name “dinner”.

    Hence it is necessary for a smarter emoji search feature to be available in the next update.

  • Multiple User accounts:

    One device can have multiple users in the next iOS 13 update. It is expected and was much in demand need to have multiple users for an iPhone.

  • Changing the Way you send a message:

    Apple wants to offer a platform to consolidate communication between users into single panels. According to Bloomberg, two friends would be able to see their interaction through e-mails, text or social networks in a single window.

  • Smart Wi-Fi:

    Apple might adapt Huwaei’s idea of Smart Wi-Fi. What it does is actually getting connected to the stronger networks nearby and automatically disconnecting the WiFi when you leave the place. Thus it takes the smart decision themselves and saves battery.

  • In-app change in Video resolution:

    iPhones have the ability of video recording in 4k Resolution. The user was not able to change the resolution as there was no way to do it from the camera app. It is expected that this feature might be upgraded in the next iOS 13 release.

  • Contact Status:

    A patent has been filed by Apple for this feature. This would enable users to know if their contact is available for the conversation and also would be able know their current location. You would possibly be able to edit your favorites in the phone contacts.

  • Slide to Unlock the Phone:

    This feature was available long back in iOS9 and the previous versions. Unlocking the phone by just pressing Home button might be replaced again with a slide to unlock feature.

  • Split View and App Bar:

    You would be able to run two apps simultaneously and not in the background. This is an expected feature in the new release of iOS 13.

    The news cycle surrounding Apple’s iOS13 update will undoubtedly be gloomy until its release. They may come up with some other exciting features till the last release. Of course, all we can say currently is “iOS13 do exist”.

About The Author
Harshal Shah

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a Professional IOS app Development Company. At Elsner, you can Hire iOS Developers for dedicated iOS development services. Harshal is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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