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Fighting Crime With Mobile Technology

Crime is a nightmare, regardless of society. According to Statista's insights into the US crime records, about 396 violent crimes are reported per 10,000 of the population. Fortunately, advanced technologies have made fighting crime in the community more effortless. Various mobile technologies have emerged, and here are a few insights into how this is possible.

How Mobile Technology Fights Crime

Mobile technologies can help fight crime in different ways:


Mobile technology can help report crimes as soon as they happen. Users can use cell phones to communicate with the authorities, indicating criminal occurrences. Instant criminal reportage increases the chances of arresting the perpetrators.

Evidence Gathering

Various mobile technologies suffice when gathering evidence. First, smartphones have high-quality cameras that can help record images and videos of the crime scene and perpetrators, which act as evidence for the crime. Thanks to high-quality photos, it becomes easy to track and arrest criminals.

Further, phones can record call history, web browser history, text messages, and GPS. These elements often make gathering information about crime scenes and criminal communication easier.

Tracking Evidence

Advanced mobile technologies can help track evidence. For instance, suppose a phone was stolen or found at a crime scene. Then, tracking the thief or the criminal at the crime scene will be relatively easy.

Further, you can monitor criminal activity via mobile technology. Phones will give a clear timeline of the activities and communications that the criminal has.

Tracking Suspects

Various technologies, including GPS and mapping, can help authorities track or locate criminals accurately. This technology can readily track an individual's movements, allowing the officers to arrest them quickly.

Mobile technologies provide comprehensive insights into the timeline of criminals. Officers can use mobile data to establish whether someone's alibi suffices. These insights will create a clear road map that facilitates seamless investigations.

Officer Policing

Mobile technologies can also help track errant police officers. Notable choices include body cameras, which allow for recording the events that happen during arrests. In addition, this technology has helped ensure officers are accountable and in compliance with the law.

Top Advanced Mobile Technologies to Fight Crime

Various advanced technologies have proven central in fighting crime. They could be built-in or require a smartphone to accentuate. The following are insights into the best technologies you'd want to consider.

Facial Recognition

Various facial recognition technologies are used on mobile devices. This option minimizes cases of fraud and identity theft. You can incorporate this technology into your smartphone, allowing you to protect your data.

At the same time, police officers use facial recognition to identify criminals. Cameras should capture the images of offenders, transmitting them to a centralized database that can help confirm their identity. Its accuracy makes it ideal for enhanced scrutiny and security.

Voice Recognition and Command

Voice recognition technology is vital in boosting security, whether on your mobile phone or in the region. Suppose you want to minimize burglary and forced entries. Then, voice recognition technology will be an excellent choice. It allows access to authorized individuals only. Fortunately, you can incorporate it into your everyday phone to guarantee perfect results.

On the other hand, voice command is incorporated into police vehicles and phones, allowing them to multitask or control multiple functions simultaneously. This move is central to enhancing security, road safety, and crime reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence affects multiple fields, including security. This technology has proven effective in data collection, analysis, and collation, allowing the authorities to make informed decisions on various criminal activities. Fortunately, it has been incorporated into mobile technology, making it easier to accentuate.

Further, this technology can be used in crime forecasting. Experts will analyze the trends on a suspect's phone to help establish their criminal tendencies, including predicting any potentially illegal activities in the future. Further, it allows authorities to allocate resources accordingly, minimizing wastage.


Unnamed aerial vehicles are also part of mobile technology. They provide authorities with vantage points when analyzing a crime scene. You can also rely on them for rescue and search missions, crowd monitoring, and accident reconstruction.

Sophisticated UAV technology could have thermal imaging technologies to provide enhanced precision when surveying a place.

Why Mobile Technology Is Essential In Fighting Crime

Mobile technology provides multiple benefits when fighting crime, including the following.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Various technologies have helped improve the accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of crime detection and prevention. For instance, thermal imaging will allow police officers to pinpoint the exact location of a crime, including crime scene reconstruction.

Minimal Resource and Time Wastage

Mobile technology minimizes time and resource wastage. You can attribute this to their flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness. Besides, you do not require extensive human resources to deploy such technologies. Since it does not divert so many resources, the authorities can handle multiple crimes and scenes simultaneously without strain.


You can access mobile technology at any time and from anywhere. Such enhanced convenience boosts the chances of fighting crime more effectively. In addition, they could be personalized to meet individual needs and preferences.

Mobile technology plays a critical role in fighting crime. Yet, you must understand which options adequately address your issue. With the insights above, you know which technologies to prioritize for your problem.

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