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Everything You Must Know about Cross-platform App Development

Today the mobile app industry has come up with several notable innovations compared to past years.

As a myriad of apps are being created and developed every new day, the global mobile application market is reaching new heights.

Mobile phones are a significant part of the digital world as today 88 per cent of Australians own a smartphone.

Also, mobile app engagement has caused a drastic change in millions of businesses in such a way that it is time to follow the mobile-centric approach.

On top of that, mobile apps are an exceptional source for increasing the brand value and even marketing specialists have acknowledged this move.

With technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT, there is a lot to come in the mobile development industry.

Around 99% of people are using iOS and Android platforms.

As both native platform users are distributed unevenly, it has become hard for marketers to differentiate these users and their choices.

Not for large businesses but for small scale firms it is a financial crippling and time-consuming process to develop mobile applications.

Cross-platform application has solved most of the issues faced by vendors and it is also likely to grab a massive share in the customer’s market.

Native apps have ruled the market for a long time, but now cross-platform app development has taken the role of native apps.

With the advancement of cross-platform apps development, mobile and web development has taken a backward leap.

If you want to take advantage of cross-platform app development for your business, do read this blog carefully!

We have presented an extensive guide about cross-platform apps, which has the potential to carry out development effectively without hurting your pocket.

Meaning of Cross-platform Application

Cross-platform enhances the source code’s usage and allows the developers to use it on different platforms.

Cross-platform gives the facility to use all the mobile operating platforms which saves time and money and even your users will not notice it.

Advantages of Cross-platform Application

The ultimate goal of every organization is to reach a large group of customers to churn marvellous revenue.

When you are using cross-platform development technology, you are surely getting many advantages.

This is the reason why a mobile app development company is preferring cross-platform technology.

Benefits for Developers

Speed in the Development Process

The best part of these apps: Cross-platform apps need minimal time in comparison to mobile or web apps.

Therefore, it increases the speed of the development process and reduces expenditure.

Codes can be Used Again

Mobile app development companies have acknowledged several features of cross-platform development.

The code which is written for one mobile development activity can be used in other processes so the companies do not have to hire different teams for a particular app.

Seamless Management of Plug-in

When you want to include various features in the app, plug-ins are important.

You can use accessible tools such as Appcelerator which provides various plug-ins.

Integration of Clouds

You can see enhancement in the cross-platform apps by integrating Cloud in it.

Benefits for Entrepreneur

The View of the Client is Same

All the apps look the same no matter which mobile platform is used for your application.

You just have to make an investment once, the visibility of the app will be magnified as the app can be operated on any platform.

Leveraging less time for Development

The efforts and time for creating, coding, and evaluating mobile & web development projects are equivalent to development cost.

By leveraging cross-platform apps, businesses will surely save considerable costs.

When the right technical stack and plan are used, businessmen can utilize 80% of the codebase.

When the cost of the development process is reduced, it helps in leveraging core business conduct and marketing purposes.

A native app has basic functionalities which is also quite expensive.

Moreover, it has several issues for smooth working of the development process.

In the case of cross-platform apps, they will not hurt your pocket and the process will be seamless.

Reaching Maximum Target Audiences

As this app can be installed and operated anywhere, you are likely to see growth in the reach of the customers.

Due to its uniformity, anyone can get comfortable in handling the app through any type of device.

Maintenance Cost is Low

As the standards and the requirements of the business are ever-changing, a business person has to make updates more often, which is quite costly. Therefore, cross-platform app development is used by small businesses for the smooth running of the development procedure.

Shortcomings in the Cross-platform App Development

There are a lot of benefits of the cross-platform framework, however it lags behind for some of the features. We have mentioned the disadvantages in the upcoming section. Have a look!

Disadvantages for Business Personnel

No sign for update

Native apps have timely update information as you can notice convenient updates from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

In the case of cross-platform app development, you will not get an update which is one of the major drawbacks addressed by the developers.

It is one of the popular concerns of the developers across the globe as native and mobile apps are doing exceptionally well in terms of timely updates.

When you want an exceptional development service for your app, you can take assistance from the iPhone app development company.

Concerns Related to Performance

For mobile phones, the computing ability is inappropriate for handling difficult HTML5/CSS UI elements which also stretches the response time and load over time in CPU/GPU resources.

Compilation Seems to be Time-consuming

Here the time taken for the code compilation is relatively slow.

It leverages a lot of time and compilation has to be done individually for all the platform which is not there is the code compilation of the native apps.

Disadvantage for the Developers

Complex UI specifications

It is not at all an easy task for the developers to match the requirements of UX.

It is no hidden truth that the success of the app is dependent on the UI design of the app. When the UI design is not appropriate, it will get rejected by the app store. So it is vital to be more careful when you are designing the UI.

Parting Thoughts

Cross application development has a lot of handy tools along with frameworks that employ certain tools and languages.

So if you are thinking of implementing cross-platform development in your business, you have to learn about some of the languages and tools right from its start.

It is completely dependent on your business requirements whether you will choose native apps or cross-platform apps.

If you own a small business or a start-up, you can blindly go for cross-platform as it will give an extra boost to your business.

If you do not have concerns regarding a monetary resource, you must opt for android app development services for quick-start of your developing chores.

About The Author
Harshal Shah

The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, a Professional IOS app Development Company. At Elsner, you can Hire iOS Developers for dedicated iOS development services. Harshal is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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