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Escape from Tarkov : Top Interesting Facts and Easter Eggs

Building with Unity in the F2P web gaming universe of Contract Wars, Russian studio BattleState Games created the suspenseful shooter Escape from Tarkov. A fictional special economic zone dubbed Norvinsk serves as the setting for the game (located between Russia and Europe). The economic conflict and subsequent all-out war were centered in this region. The city of Tarkov is where the fighting takes place. The region's boundaries are sealed, denying those who stay in Tarkov the opportunity to interact with the outside world.

The role of a mercenary who went through the first Battle of Tarkov requires some getting used to. The player's character goes on a dangerous journey in search of a way out of the city, choosing one of the sides - USEC or BEAR. UN peacekeepers and the Russian military have blocked all supply routes, communication with the command has been lost. Everyone will have to decide in such conditions how to act in order to escape from the chaotic metropolis. This article has all the fun trivia for new readers and easter eggs for enthusiasts.

F2P web gaming universe

Photo by Fredrick Tendong on Unsplash

Easter eggs

  • The phrase "Sorry Mario, the princess is in another castle" appears scrawled in graffiti above the archway leading to the kitchen on the second floor of the three-story dorm if you enter it. The enemy Bowser frequently makes the remark, "Sorry Mario, the princess is in another castle," during their battles before the final world.

  • An overturned chair, a video camera, a lot of blood, and a toy dinosaur laying on the floor may all be found in one room on the second level of the workshop, which is next to the boiler room. This scene alludes to Jonathan Miller, one of the game's protagonists, who was executed there (the dinosaur in the scene belonged to Miller's kid).

  • There is a Totoro poster mounted to a panel behind the back of the driver's seat on yellow buses (like the one adjacent to the Trailer Park exit/spawn). An allusion to the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro is made here.

  • A PC with an error page for the Unity editor that states it has ceased working may be found in room 212 of a three-story dorm. This refers to difficulties encountered when using the Unity engine, on which Escape From Tarkov is based.

  • Graffiti in the shapes of "Metalika," "Ramstain," and "Limpin Kar" may be observed on the ceiling of a three-story hostel. Metallica, Rammstein, and Linkin Park are all mentioned, and the text appears to have been burned into the whitewash with a lighter.

  • The billboard next to the UN checkpoint has posters with details of open positions in Tarkov and the address of Battlestate Games, so you can apply for the current positions listed in the Jobs section.

  • A mention of the YouTube channel 715 TEAM and its host Roman Khors may be seen in the graffiti "715 Train Hard." The Battlestate Games studio's director, Nikita Buyanov, was interviewed by the channel. Together with a few lighthearted and unimportant evaluations of the computer game Escape from Tarkov.

  • A poster with a poster for a concert of a certain geneburn comes across in a hostel and some other places. geneburn is the pseudonym of Nikita Buyanov, under which he uploads his music to soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/geneburn). As you know, Buyanov wrote the soundtrack for the game himself. You can also listen to this music at the music center in the Vault.

Facts about the game that you have to come to terms with

You don't know where to go

The maximum realism of the game is felt immediately. Before entering the raid, a red inscription informs you that you do not have a level card. You don’t understand where to buy it, so you go without a card. As a result, you find yourself in some kind of dark basement. Where to go is unclear. After wandering for several minutes through dusty rooms and terrible-looking basements, you suddenly die.

You don't know what to do

At first, you don't know what to do at all. At the start, you are given forty minutes, and it is also reported that the exits from the location are here and there. However, you are not sure that you should immediately go to the exit. Perhaps you should get everything you can? Or hunt enemies? Maybe explore the location? To save a lot of time and nerves in endless raids, you can use Labs Keycards. However, their drop rate is one of the lowest in the game. For the most impatient and those who find the game too hard, it is recommended to check out the labs keycard price and make your life a little easier.

You don't know how many rounds are left

There are a lot of moments in the game that are designed to recreate the difficult life of a fighter on the battlefield as realistically as possible. One of these, very revealing, tricks - you do not know how many rounds are left in the store. To clarify the number of bullets, you need to check the store with a separate key combination.

You don't understand why all these things are needed

You wander around the location, open boxes, trunks of cars, search the corpses of misunderstood characters. At the same time, you find a mountain of various things: a lighter, a flashlight, scotch tape, morphine, a video card, bleach, a glass cleaner, an energy-saving lamp, Makarov. From all this junk, you only have an idea of ​​what a gun is for. You take it. But why do we need all the other things?

You don't know where the enemies are

Escape From Tarkov has very impressive locations, with many different objects, dense forests, dark nooks and other places where a camper can get. Therefore, you should move very carefully, constantly examining the area.

You are constantly dying

Escape From Tarkov has a complex wound system. You don't have to take a bullet to the head to drive off. You can get injured in the arm, and then bleed out. Or break a leg falling from a height, and then walk like a turtle, announcing the neighborhood with groans. Wounds cause hand tremors, so you can forget about marksmanship, and other unpleasant effects that affect the hero. In this game, the character is fragile, just like a person in real life. Therefore, you need to carry bandages to wrap wounds, first aid kits to heal, and so on.

You are constantly dying

Photo by Lowes Takes Photos on Unsplash

You keep losing loot

In Escape From Tarkov, you have the potential to lose all of your loot. After all, when you die, your dead corpse is where the good stays, not in the warehouse. Equipment can be insured in exchange for in-game money. But, if you are not robbed by other players, the stuff will return. And who would refuse the Kalash equipped with sights and a powerful body kit? Thus it is better to engage in combat with beggars. Then there is no risk involved and a chance to receive a valuable prize. Let cool gear and weapons warm the soul as they rest at the base. You unexpectedly pass away while moving around without any weapons or body protection.

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