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Earn Money Through Mobile Apps: No Kidding!

Are you facing tough times? Do you need a little extra cash in your pocket? Well, the following blog post emphasizing the concept of moneymaking apps can certainly help! Read Away.

Try searching for a hotel booking app or an eCommerce store in the play store; I am sure you will get plenty of handy suggestions all having almost similar features. So, what will you do?

How will you choose the correct one? Of course, having a plethora of options is not a bad thing after all, but it can be very overwhelming at times. It may quite interest you to know that the Google Play store comprises 3.5 million, and at the same time, the number of iPhone apps in the Apple app store is 2.2 million. Competition is pretty neck to neck! Now the question is how to earn an adequate amount of bucks with mobile app development?

Being a tech immigrant, there is a good chance of finding oneself killing time by idling browsing through your smart devices. Right from playing games and catching up on social media sites is great, but do you think will these activities make any difference to your wallet? Certainly not! However, developing most apps require you to spend money, but certain options can help you earn extra money instead. However, don’t become too ambitious as these apps won’t make you rich, but they can earn you some decent pocket money. After all, the grass has to be greener on the other side.


One of the most reliable method that aids in earning some money right on installing the app. The Slide is basically a lock screen that provides curated content right on the lock screen app. All you require doing is viewing the lock screen, and you can easily earn enough points. These points aren’t just for fun they can be later converted into real money and withdrawn via Paypal or as mobile recharge. Earning money via this mobile app simply requires signup and login. As a result, your phone's lock screen will automatically get replaced with the app's own and will show your points earned in an easy to read interface.


Available for both Android and iOS, iPoll is a customized market research app that enables you to earn money through surveys. Much like a game, before acquiring rewards here, you require to accomplish few missions such as writing down diaries, going to the grocery store and so more. As a part of registration, you will be asked some basic information, it can be in regards to your preferences or typical habits being a consumer, this will help the app to determine are you fit for missions or not. You eventually receive alerts when there is the availability of a new mission again in regards to your preferences and location. The USP of this mobile app, in particular, is that it can be easily customized so that you get alerts for different tasks and missions that suit your interest and which you eventually enjoy. With a good rating, iPoll offers users to redeem

their awards for gift cards, or they can even cash out using Paypal.


Sign up, and you can start making money with Swagbucks. It just takes $10 to sign up the boilerplate market research app, and you have to accrue points by taking surveys, shopping online or playing games things you can do as you wait in line or have some downtime on your commute. You can also earn points for watching videos. Swagbucks has been rated 4 out of 5 ratings on both iTunes and Google Play.

Are there any perks, if you may ask? Well, other market research mobile apps do tend to aggregate third-party surveys, but here you will find more opportunities to earn cash. Remember, the cash out threshold is 2,500 Swagbucks points, worth $25. Not a small amount!


Again available for both Android and iOS, Toluna doesn't reward users for just taking surveys. It's way beyond that! The app provides you a golden opportunity to create your very own survey. Right from the current events, shampoo habits or opinion regarding the latest tech gadget any topic can earn you bonus points. Simple registration can make you watch a webinar on ways where you can milk the app.


Last but certainly not the least, the app is also available for both Android and iOS, has a great online community. The app acts as a great place for eco-friendly beauty and home products as well as a social platform for women to share and receive healthy lifestyle advice and tips ranging from parenting to skincare to fitness. On Musely, you can shop for organic, up-and-coming brands and eco-friendly products, such as toxin-free nail polish or all-natural lipstick. To earn extra money, you have to become a muse, more like an influencer, create your store and recommend it. Right from health to beauty, crafts, Musley is worth taking into account.

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Joanna Baretto

Joanna Baretto is a Bussiness Analyst at Tatvasoft.com.au, a web development Company in Australia. She has been working for five years in a Technological domain. Her work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses the narratives of techno experience. She is unicorn enthusiastic. You can visit here to know more about her Company.

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