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Best Roofing Software for 2022: Roofr

Roofing is tiresome and time-consuming, especially if you manually measure roofs. Roofers do and are responsible for a lot, from estimating materials and their cost, to conducting measurements, to deciding on how much money is required to fund the project up to completion, to developing proposals.

Each process is error-prone, but you can get the work done perfectly using the best roofing software for 2022, Roofr. This platform helps you determine the materials you’ll require, lets you create proposals, and comes up with an exact money amount needed for your project.

Essentially, Roofr makes the roofing process easier. Let’s see how.

An overview of Roofr

As it stands, Roofr is the best roofing software and #1 roofing app on the market. It ensures that your roofing business operates smoothly and efficiently. The services offered are top-notch and beloved by current users for its ease of use.

You can, for example, forward quotes to a potential client without having to go to the job site, and potential clients also get the quote without having to pay a single cent. But Roofr also offers some more extensive features.

Roofr features

These outstanding features ensure that a roofing company runs smoothly.

Quality and instant quotes - After creating an account, you can get quality quotes for your customers within minutes—and you can do everything in the comfort of your home or office. Your clients will not pay a cent for the quote, and can decide whether to hire your services after seeing the project's upfront cost.

Perfect invoicing - Issues may arise upon a project's successful completion. In most cases, this is because clients do not comprehend the cost of each item. Roofing software fixes this issue. Using templates, roofers can generate invoices within seconds.

Project management - After logging in, you will see all your projects, their timeline, budget, and the team members on a specific project. Also, a secure messaging platform is also available for you to chat with customers and project stakeholders.

Customer management - Roofers can keep an eye on customer information, including their contact and payment. You can also add new customers, modify their details, and remove them.

Material calculator - If you find it hard to calculate how much every single material will cost, Roofr can do it for you. The platform lists all the materials you’ll need, alongside their cost.

Roof measurements - Roofr utilizes satellite imagery and aerial data to help you get impeccable results. Your measurements will be reliable, accurate, and precise.

Proposals - Most roofers find it difficult to write accurate proposals. Roofr ensures your worries become strengths, providing you with templates to help produce reliable and precise proposals. This can go a long way in helping you win many jobs since the estimations are on point, with no overpricing.

Customer services - The platform offers support in many ways to ensure you benefit from their services. Roofr support techniques include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chat
  • Phone call - 1 (844) 995-4087
  • Email - support@roofr.com
  • Help articles

Email support and phone calls are available on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

How to access Roofr

You can start accessing Roofr's services by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the Roofr website
  2. Input details and press "Login". This only works if you are a registered Roofr user
  3. If you aren't a Roofr user, tap "Sign up", input necessary details, and then log in.
  4. Start improving your business by choosing the appropriate action

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Roofr

How much do I need to pay to use Roofr?

Roofr is affordable and the company seems dead set on ensuring accessibility so all roofers benefit. Roofr prices include:

  • A free plan - No fee is needed—simply log in and use the software. But to get custom reports, you’ll have to pay $15. There’s no charge while using DIY measurements.

  • Pro - $89 every month

  • Premium - $149 each month

These prices are arguably the most affordable on the market, with great value for money.

Is it mandatory for me to be on the job to use Roofr?

No, since Roofr is web-based, you can use it from anywhere, even if you’re away from your workplace. All you need to do is enter your credentials, and the Roofr dashboard appears.

Is Roofr compatible with many devices?

Yes, since Roofr is a web-based application, it can work on any platform, with mobile applications for Android and iPhone.

Do I lose my money if I subscribe and am unhappy about the service received?

Based on past experiences reported by users, Roofr seems to uphold client satisfaction and ensures that clients get value for their money. However, should you need to unsubscribe, Roofr offers a money-back guarantee to ensure you receive a refund.

Do I need to undergo training to use Roofr?

Not at all. Roofr has an interactive dashboard that is simple and user friendly. All the services offered appear on your dashboard. All you need to do is to click on the service you want.

Are all Roofr features on a single web application?

Yes, all comprehensive features are presented to roofers on one platform. You won't get confused moving from one platform to another to access certain services.


A top-quality roof is vital to the happiness of the building's inhabitants. Poorly done roofs may leak, which can be irritating and uncomfortable.

To ensure your clients remain happy in their buildings, use Roofr. It also benefits roofers, since it has many comprehensive features for you. It's affordable, and a perfect proposal will be ready for you in no time.

Additionally, it's cross-platform and cloud-based; hence all your data will have a backup.

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