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Discussion about the Objectives, Benefits of the Affiliate Tracking app

What is affiliate tracking?

It is a technology to manage or track the marketing activities of the affiliates. The app tracks the performance of clicks, the impressions, the views of advertising materials. The ads like links, banners when used with affiliate tracking help to promote business, increase sales. Affiliate marketing is a popular marketing option and it uses affiliate tracking tools to track, manage the activities of the affiliates. Many web-based businesses use affiliate networks, software tools to promote services and products.

The Objectives

The objective of affiliate marketing is to make money quickly. This type of marketing practice is helpful in promoting goods and services online. The affiliate marketing types are as follows:-

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM)
  • Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Cost Per Install (CPI)

The purpose of the affiliate tracking app to detect IP, the browser details of the affiliates who are bringing leads. The software includes a dashboard area exclusively for the admin. The individual user can enter campaign details (type, cost, country where campaigning is allowed). The software helps the advertiser to track the performance of the affiliate.


The different methods of tracking used by the software are as follows:-

Tracking referrals using IP:- Such method is useful when the browser cookies are not there or cannot be found.

Browser-cookie tracking:- A common tracking method used in affiliate software programs and this type of tracking does not support flash-cookie tracking.

Other Tracking Methods includes the following:-

  • Action Tracking
  • Impression Tracking
  • Private commissions and special commissions
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Preproduction tracking
  • Offline tracking using coupons


The software has a number of benefits:--

  • The software generates URL links/tracking codes
  • Tracks location, time
  • Tracks source
  • Tracks affiliate
  • Detects fraud


If you are a business person looking forward to enhancing your business sales, profits, effective web marketing skills help you earn big bucks. There are available software tools that simplify affiliate marketing. Reviews, testimonials associated with such software helps users in deciding the best one for commercial purpose. An affiliate tracking app is a vital tool, helps track the web traffic using the IP address, browser details.

Some of the important names of Affiliate tracking software are as follows:-

  • Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate Marketing Platform
  • OmniStar Affiliate Software
  • iDevAffiliate Affiliate Marketing Platform
  • Affiliate Shop Software
  • Affiliate Royal Affiliate Software
  • CupCake Campaign Management (by Cake)
  • ClickInc Affiliate Software
  • HasOffers Affiliate Software
  • LeadDyno Affiliate Software
  • LinkTrust Affiliate Tracking

The software tools used in affiliate tracking have a range of exciting features and they are used for marketing and tracking web traffic purpose. The choice of software depends on the business requirements. For tracking the web traffic source, improving the quality of web traffic, the landing page/the keyword that gets converted, it is important on the part of the user to use affiliate tracking software. The affiliate tracking software is mostly of premium type. However, there are some trial software tools for the user to use as well.

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