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Best planner apps for 2019

Nowadays, everyone and everything is going digital. Today, we are blessed with entire app-stores filled with digital to-do list apps. To- do apps is much needed today. No one will take a pen and paper with them. It is much needed so that everyone will keep track of their events, schedules or work in their Mobile phones or Laptops anytime. You can use them to plan and manage your entire work. Modern to-do apps are much more than normal notepad. So, here are some best digital planner apps for Android, iOS, and web.

1. Todoist

It is the most popular task management app. It works on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, web. It is not the most powerful app or not the simplest app. This app balance power with simplicity. It runs basically on every platform. It is free to download but some features require a subscription that costs money.

2. Any.do

Any.do app is for Android, iOS, and web. It organizes all of your task, list, and projects in one simple app. It is simple and has a nice design. It is a cross- platform integration app. It focuses on making to-do list manageable and straightforward. This app is also compatible with other calendar apps like Google calendar, outlook, etc.

Any.do is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Desktop.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is available for Android, iOS, and web. It is free to download. Google Keep has many features that some people don't know. It has a chrome extension that can be used offline. It is Basic and Lightweight. You can set reminders, leave voice reminders, save articles, draw or type, etc. It is a native part of every Android phone.

4. Trello

Trello app is for Android and iOS and web. This app is best for those working in teams.

Trello is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and on Desktop.

5. ZenDay

ZenDay app is for Android and iOS. This app is unique, featuring a 3D display that scrolls as you complete tasks. This app also has a color coding feature.

ZenDay app is available on Google Play Store and Apple app store both.

6. Things 3

This app is for iOS users only. Things 3 is best for those who want to download and start using it immediately. It is not available for free, it has a price tag. This app allows creating headings within your task lists, which makes it easy to stay on task and complete your task without being distracted by other to-do items.

7. Fantastical 2

This app is only for iOS users. It uses natural language to schedule your events. The interesting feature is, it automatically detects the location of your event. It also has location-based calendar visibility.

8. Calendar for Android and iOS

This calendar app offers daily, weekly and monthly views. Google calendar is available both on Google Play store and Apple app store. Search option is a great tool in this. You can search for your last appointment. You can share your Google calendar with other users, which makes it a great tool. This app combines with Gmail to give you the option of automatically add events for flights, hotels and other reservations based on your Email.

9. Awesome Calendar

The Awesome Calendar app is for iOS users only. It combines notes, color-coding, calendar events, and a local weather forecast. You can even add photos and stickers too. This app is compatible with many other calendar apps like Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCloud, etc. Once you make a change in the Awesome Calendar app, it will automatically change in other Calendar apps.

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Chitranshi is a content writer in Technology moon. She loves to write article related to technology. 

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