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Best Apps that Help Stream HD Quality Videos Online

When you are tired of waiting, one of the most exciting activities is streaming movies or tv series on streaming applications. Along with the times, watching movies does not only have to go to the cinema. Only by streaming can you enjoy your favorite series and even your favorite movies.

The perfect activity to do when you are waiting or to fill your spare time. Are you one of those people who likes to watch movies?

Who among you has a hobby of watching? This application is here to help friends watch movies without having to go to the cinema. The genres presented by this movie-watching application are also exciting. This application can help you get rid of your boredom amid this coronavirus pandemic quarantine.

We are here to provide a list of the best watching applications that are fun for you. You can watch movies with a choice of genres that you can choose as you wish. You can also download this application on your Android and iOS platforms. Come on, take a look at the list below.

Flipps TV

This best movie-watching application has been around since 2014. This application also provides services for watching video clips and live sports events to watch the latest movies.

Flipps TV also features a lot of good quality anti-mainstream movies that many people may not know about. Not only that, for those of you who are too busy to watch tv and miss the latest news every day, you can get information from trusted sources such as BBC or CNN.


Disney+ is one of the newer streaming services and hosts a collection of classic Disney movies and shows. The service also has several original programs aimed at children and families. 

On Disney+, you have access to five different categories, including Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. This variety makes the service great for people who aren't just looking for traditional Disney content, especially since Fox properties like The Simpsons.

You also have the option to download movies and TV shows so you can watch them offline later. Disney+ is available on streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Smart TV. Plus, you can access streaming services on your browser, smartphone, tablet, and gaming console of your choice.

Disadvantages of Disney+ include some gaps in its programming offerings. We're also aware that some shows go into the wrong viewing order (the new DuckTales show, for example).


Netflix is ​​a streaming service that is changing the way we watch movies and shows. With a large selection of original programming and an increasingly diverse catalog, Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming option in North America. 

These services often shuffle the movies and shows in their catalog, meaning you may miss out on some content you previously wanted to watch but may also find something new to watch.

You can watch Netflix on almost any device, making it easier to access the service whenever you want compared to other service options. This difference in offers also means choosing the best offer according to your capital and needs.

The recommendations from this service are incomparable to other streaming services and can be a great way to discover new shows and movies. You can also create more than one profile in your account, which helps Netflix's algorithms find programs to suit your tastes.

On the downside, the monthly price for this service can be expensive, especially if you don't use Netflix often to maximize the benefits of the service. Also, depending on where you live, your catalog may not have the program you're looking for due to geographic restrictions. 

Finally, there are several movies and shows that you might not know available because they never made it into your recommendations.

Unfortunately, some countries can't use Netflix anymore because of geoblocking. But don't worry; with the help of VPNs, you can bypass Netflix's geo-blocking.

Prime Video

Prime Video is available in two different options. The first option is Prime Video's subscription program which costs $8.99 per month and only provides access to the streaming catalog. The second option is an Amazon Prime account which includes Prime Video with several other benefits. Amazon Prime accounts are priced at $12.99 per month or purchased once a year for $119.

You can stream Prime Video on some devices such as your computer, smartphone, and a streaming device. This streaming service has just introduced profiles that can help you organize your viewing experience based on recommendations from Prime Video.


Hulu is a better choice if you want to stop using a cable/satellite service because of the many streaming options available. 

Not only can you choose to stream on-demand, but you can also subscribe to their live TV service. With their live TV streaming, you can access over 60 channels, including sports, entertainment, and news.

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