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Are dating apps successful?

Dating apps have come to stay. No longer do single people have to rely on blind dates that turn out to be nightmarish or if you are lucky like Meghan Markle, you get to meet you prince charming.

Anyways, most of us don't get to meet prince charming or a princess, we get stuck with the frog or a princess turned Olga. Then online dating through the use of apps came into the scene to make these dates easier. The catch? While some dating apps are free to use, some require you to make a payment, a token fee to gain access.

A long time ago, it was quite simple to meet someone. Taking a run in the park, at a bar, at the grocery store, at thanksgiving. Then came the age of the internet where we saw the likes of Match.com, JDate, eHarmony but it wasn't till the late in 2013 that a popular dating app created the addictive 'swipe' which ushered in the rebirth of online dating i.e. everyone could get on the train.

An online dating app isn't always successful which is the reason why when you get on some of these sites, you would most likely see an ad for the paid version of that similar sites. Well, the difference here lies in the 'perks' that paid dating apps come with. Such perks include access like 'boost' meaning, your profile goes all the way to the top (for a specified period of time), of the line so it can be viewed by all the potential 'better halves' quickly, read receipts (send that message and know when they read it), ability to see who 'swiped right'. Great, right?

The introduction into the online dating scene of paid services was an idea borrowed from online gaming. While online gaming is free for all to use, the psychology behind gaming lies in the premise that the more you play the game, the more you will want to play. When you pass that difficult level or get to the end of the free available levels which the game allows and to move forward you would have to pay a certain fee, most gamers pay said fee to move unto the next level in the game. For online dating the reasons people would choose to opt for a paid service is varied far more than online gaming.

It might seem like a waste of resources to pay for a dating app when there are some apps out there that offer somewhat similar services and for free. But, people are still opting to pay on dating apps like zoosk, a whole lot of them. Some statistics have shown that some dating apps are more popular than some worldwide games like Candy Crush, with millions of people downloading the apps everywhere. It was further found that most individuals who subscribed to the paid versions of these dating apps, have a higher percentage of getting connected to other people than those who don't.

The reason for this is particular to the individual. Their reasons could be the opportunity to reach a wider net of potential matches, avoid the possibility of been found out by mutual friends if they sign up for a free-for-all dating app or just for privacy sake. But the main motivation for signing up for paid dating apps steams from the anonymity of seeing who likes your profile without placing the burden on you to like their back.

All this goes right down to the ability of a single individual to find that lasting connection with someone else. It is the quest to find love by seeing the range of choices that you have, where these choices are located, the potential of something beautiful, without having to rely on chance.

Not everyone gets to walk into their prince charming at the supermarket or find their ‘Cinderella’ at a ball, in recent times, the princes and princesses are listed by age, height, eye colour, occupation, location, likes and dislikes for you to make a choice and see where it goes from there. The one thing to always remember is that online dating is a hit or miss possibility. While some individuals have found the person from these dating apps, some other people have had funny experiences and are still on the lookout.

The thing to note here is, everyday as the world evolves, more individuals key into the idea of using a dating app. What this means is, the pool of potentials for anyone using these dating apps gets wider every day. Not only in terms of number of people but in locations also. Not only are you restricted to your country, you have the opportunity to meet other people from diverse cultures and places. So, dating apps are successful at expanding your knowledge about people from other places and also bringing the world together through the quest to find love.

As many a benefit as dating apps gives, not everyone is keen about them. Some people still prefer the old tried and true method of meeting other people. It could be blind dates set up by family or friends, it could be a co-worker, it could be meeting at a bar, whichever you choose, should be a way that makes you comfortable. Despite these kinds of individuals who have reservations about online dating, dating apps are without a doubt a welcome development to love and relationships plus they are here to stay.

Zoosk is one such dating app. It gives users the options to meet potential singles worldwide. It has over 40,000,000 million users with over 3million messages sent on the app. There is also the option of online dating and relationship advice which you can access on the app. It also gives you tips about the single life.  There is a great help desk to assist with any and all enquiries you might have as regards the use of the app.

Dating apps are truly worth it.

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