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An app that sends intelligent light to boost your energy

FreeingEnergy App

Grahame Martin, the inventor of freeingMe apps, first had the idea of creating an energy app because he had a drop in energy in the afternoons and he wanted a boost. He has been investigating the hundreds of energy systems in the human body for 25 years and gathering knowledge as to how the body absorbs information to manage these systems.

An example of one of these energy systems that most people know is the nervous system, but did you know there is an energy system that manages our vitality? This energy is stored in the kidneys. The topping up of this energy is done through the spleen as it absorbs light. Vitamin D helps with this, which is why it is so important to top up with a Vitamin D supplement, especially if you live in Northern European countries.

Keeping ourselves energized is only one part of what our energy system does. Its main function is the distribution of energy throughout the day, because in the modern world there is a great demand on our energy supply and the body has to decide where and when our energy is used. However, we often ignore our body and push ourselves regardless of what it is telling us.

To overuse our energy supply before it can recuperate is not a wise thing to do. Our body uses its adrenal glands that sit on top of the kidneys to release as much energy as it can from deep reserves using the hormone adrenalin. This stimulates the heart and lungs to gain more oxygen, creating a boost of power, but this puts a lot of strain on the body. The problem is, this stimulus can feel very exciting. Therefore we can get addicted to this excitement, from which the term ‘adrenalin junkie’ has been coined.

The art of healthy living and longevity is centred around how we manage our energy and stay as relaxed as possible. Through Grahame’s investigations he stumbled upon a way of telling the body how to relax and release energy in an even way. This gave birth, not only to the freeingEnergy app but also freeingMe apps, because this technology can be used for balancing many of the human systems.

What is intelligent light?

The energy we use to keep us going in everyday life is a natural phenomenon, but we often do not use it very well. To keep us going we often use stimulants based around caffeine or nicotine. These substances boost our energy, creating the same issue as an adrenalin boost and therefore do nothing to help manage the energy reserves. They get us going but soon you drop again and we need another boost. It is amazing how many people run their lives like this but usually complain of being tired and look constantly worn out.

The freeingEnergy app works completely differently to a stimulant. It also works differently to the many signal based radionic devices now on the market to improve mood and wellbeing. These devices only work while there is a signal. FreeingMe Ltd has launched its own unique technology that works around intelligent light that builds. Grahame calls this Photon Communication Technology and it works by using intelligent messaging within light to send to your body so it can run with it. After two years of testing it was shown that the apps are non-addictive as they need to be used less over time. This is because the body rebuilds what it needs when it is shown the way.

We remain in health at the bequest of our environment. Without the sun we die, but this is only one way in which we take in light. Our cells, through different ways of absorption, including our senses, are taking in different forms of light frequencies all the time as well as information on a subatomic level. Our environment is in constant communication with us and we live through this very connection. Remember how you feel walking along a calm, sunny beach or within a beautiful forest.

The act of being closed off from people or nature, or even new experiences, has a major detrimental effect on our wellbeing. We receive and project light all the time on a photon level. This is not just about how nature affects us but how we energetically affect our environment. And I am not talking about cutting down a tree here - this communication is on a subatomic level. One of science’s earliest experiments, the Double Slit Experiment, showed that we influence photon behaviour just by observing it. Grahame has exploited this phenomenon using directed intelligent light to create balance.

How the app works

For the app to work it needed a means to hold and project a light source. Well that has already been invented. It is not a torch but a smart mobile phone. A torch is just a crude form of projecting light that is on a wavelength that can be used to light up our path. It does not have the means to project intelligent light, which is light that can carry information. The smart phone does this, but there is the matter of tuning it to carry specific information that can talk to our cells. Code can do this.

The natural exchange of information in light is safe because, by its very nature, it is natural. We do it all the time. This is what makes freeingMe apps safe. To replicate this using a smart phone relies on dematerialising the source of the physical sorce of wellbeing to turn it into light information. 

The apps are designed to send a message to a number of the body’s energy systems, but the source of this message cannot be found in the app. Subatomic communication does not work within our usual concept of physical parameters. The app itself acts a kind of lense delivering the intelligent light that has been synthesized from another source. This source holds the dynamic possibility of balance that a person may need. However, the freeingEnergy app, like the other freeingMe apps, only works if the body’s energy systems need balancing.

Our energy resources leak or get used up with stress within a fast world and daily challenges. The freeingEnergy app is designed as a management tool that can be used to provide a quick boost if we are feeling washed out but still have commitments, like picking up the kids or an evening event to attend. It can also be used as a daily energy management system that can be assessed at the end of the week as to how much more work and activities can be achieved.

Where all 3 apps can be tried for free

Because this energy management system is on an app it is mobile and can be carried with you, so it is always available when you need it. If you need a boost, you have it!

There are presently three different freeingMe apps available on Google Play: freeing ENERGY, freeing STRESS and freeing REST. Each app is currently only available for Android users with a free 3 day trial and an introductory offer of $3.49 per month for 3 months, and $4.49 thereafter. An  iPhone version will be available soon.

For further information visit: freeing.me and to buy now go to: Play Store Freeingme Ltd

About The Author
Grahame Martin

Grahame Martin LCPH is a British licensed homeopath, creator of The Western Chakra Course: The Light Centers and the one-to-one energy sessions called The Freeing. He is a teacher and author of three books. He has for the the last 25 years been pursuing the energetic connections that release people from trauma. He is also a director of Freeingme Ltd.

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