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Amazing Tips on How to Create an Email List Using Your Android POS

If you are not already embracing the Point of Sale (POS) technology, you should do that ASAP. Android POS has revolutionized how we conduct business. Let's be honest, a lot of businesses find it hard to target the right consumer. Emailing marketing has helped several businesses get their products or services noticed. So the big question is, how do you go about building your own email list?

Here is a trick in android POS that few businesses are yet to tap into: you can use your android point of sale setup to generate a personal mail list for your customers. You know your customers better, so you are the right person to build an email list.

1. Ask for their Email

All customers coming to your business have to check out via a point of sale device. Include an 'add email' section on the android POS device. Most customers are willing to give their emails. You only need to convince them of the benefits of doing so.


2. Create a promotional sweep-stake

There are customers who will be reluctant about sharing their emails. After all, no one likes spam emails showing up on their inbox. You can entice customers into giving their emails by introducing promotional sweepstakes. If there is a free iPad, meal coupon, or travel voucher available for winning, every customer will want it. All they have to do is sign up for the promotion with their emails. The Android POS device streamlines this process.


3. Add a Share Offer Button

Your subscribed consumers can help spread the good news about your promotional offers. In the promotional emails you send them, add a ‘Share with a friend’ button at the bottom of the email. Include a ‘Thank You’ gift to every customer that shares your content. It could be a discount coupon or a free cup of coffee. Incentivized sharing works, and you should use it in your android POS marketing.


4. Create a Member Only section

Everyone knows that exclusive membership comes with lucrative privileges. This could mean an early bird offer whenever a registered member is paying for a product. Premium members can also customize their orders right from the Android POS system.

So how do unsigned members get in? All they need is their email to sign up and earn the 'Members Only' perks. The client is happy, and your business gets the emails needed for an effective mailing list.


5. Partner with other vendors

If you own a coffee shop, for instance, there is no doubt that you will be selling coffee from different brands. Why not partner with these other brands when creating promotional offers. In a B2B partnership, both businesses will be able to gather the same database of client emails. Database sharing happens all the time.


Final Thoughts

The android point of sale platform comes with a host of benefits. Besides being cheap to setup, it has simple features like building an email list from it. By utilizing each of the above mentioned tips, you will have a personal mailing list in no time. You can then start to target the right consumer with your products and service.

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