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A Sneak Peek at Major Facts And Figures of Game Marketing and Advertising

Who doesn’t love gaming? In this modern technological world of Smartphones and Smartapps, as people are busy with their daily routine, they just stare over their Smartphone during their leisure time. As soon as people are free from their regular routine, they just start tapping their phone and play games on it. Not just games, but the interesting apps and other tools grabs people’s attention.

Today, the game marketing has flourished massively and this has given boost to various in-game advertising fields. According to a research it was found that the in-game advertising industry generated:

  • $34 million in 2004
  • $56 million in 2005
  • $80 million in 2006
  • $295 million in 2007
  • $699 million in 2009
  • $1 billion in 2014
  • $7.2 billion by 2016 (prediction)

This gradual increase of profits in the gaming world clearly shows how much popular this field is. Furthermore, it also shows inclination of people towards Smartphone and Smartapps gaming market.

Irrespective of the device the user use, there is one or the other thing that makes this industry highly profitable. Another major factor that attracts majority of the audiences is the apps. Here also, the Android app marketing is ruling the industry. As more than 80% Smartphone users in the world use Android phone so obviously they are attracted towards Android apps.

On a detailed research, you can even find that iOS game marketing is on peak as a number of users have iOS phone nowadays. Besides that, the phone reviews help them greatly in deciding which phone to select. For an instance, the iPhone app Reviews shared by previous users help them to take a decision on downloading an app and even for buying a suitable phone.

As a result, it could be said that as world is getting more advanced in terms of technology, the technological field along with its gaming field is getting more and more advanced. This can be sign of good progress for the online game and app developers!!

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