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7 Useful Budget Apps Ruling Personal Finance Management

Every breadwinner realizes the weight of responsibility that befalls their shoulders. From creating a budget to tweak some savings by the end of the month, one has to balance their earnings on the tightrope of strict finances.

Budgets always aren’t convenient – not for everyone, at least. They require proper management and can be a rough tide for those going on a budget for the first time. Here, financial apps become a savior for those who want to manage their budgets without denting their normal life. Tap into your device and take a closer look at your spending habits.

If you can’t remember where you spent $50 last week, your personal finance assistant will keep track of your expenses. Have a bill pending? The budget tracker will remind you. Can’t decide which debt to repay first? The debt eliminator can suggest better.

With all the benefits packed, here are over ten budget trackers leading the personal finance industry. Read on to figure out!


Mint is one of those gold-standard personal finance apps that helps you link up your account and update and categorize your spending. The app enables you to manage your money to see how much you’ve saved so far. You can also analyze your checking, saving, credits card and brokerage, and so much more. Based on your activity, you can also get recommendations depending on your budget goals and saving plans.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

As the name indicates, You Need a Budget (YNAB) gives you the perfect plan to get your budget right. It comes as your personal finance partner that helps you reach your goals faster than ever. The app enables you to keep an eagle’s eye on your budget and spending with the most minimalist approach and instructional support. As a user-friendly app, YNAB allows everyone to handle their budget easier than ever.

My EasyFi

My EasyFi personal finance software is one of those rare ones you find that helps you declutter your money problems. Here, you can start by syncing your account, add your expenses, and create budgets. Besides that, the app lets you track our debt and pay it in the most optimized manner. You can also set goals and saving plans for the future, given your data of the last six months. The best feature, however, of this app is that you can also join its affiliate program to earn a handsome commission per referral. It includes both free and paid options for anyone interested in committing to their money goals.

Personal Capital

While the app is free to use, it gives you a complete overview of your finances. No matter at what stage your finances are, Personal Capital gives you a 360-degree view of money, helps you set up and track your budget, keep a closer look on your investments, plan your retirement, and even connect with the experts behind the app. It lets you stay aware of the monetary trends ruling the market so you keep your money smart and secure.


Don’t you wish you had an app where you could link your finances and just forget? Albert is the one you need! As you connect your financial accounts, the app analyzes your income, budget, spending, and overall financial health. The best bit? The algorithms give you a near-real estimate of your savings for the current month, which are transferred to Albert Savings. This account can hold up to a $250,000 balance insured. You can even withdraw the funds anytime too!


If you’re one of those traditional envelopes fans, Mvelopes brings some digital touch to your preferred budgeting method. It gives the users a system to control their money keeping an eye on all the necessary statistics. Like the others, it syncs your income from your bank accounts, credit and debit cards, and watch your transactions going into respective envelopes. You can track the money you spent in real-time. Also, you can create envelopes as much as you can and set your budget for each of them. At all levels, this app is going to send you reports about how your finances are doing.


This one is the brainchild of Dave Ramsay, the savvy finance guru. Keeping the simplicity in manner, EveryDollar has been created in line with Ramsay’s tips and aspirations for better budgeting and rapid debt repayment. Track your goals, find confidence in your money future, and say goodbye to overall stress. From helping people fix their financial problems, this app has helped hundreds reach their debt-free goals in the most seamless manner.

So, What’s Your App?

Budgeting might seem hard for many, but once started, it brings order to your finances and money. Your commitment to stick to your goals matters, and to succeed, your planning must be firm with making your budget work for you in every way. If you’re going to use any of the apps mentioned above, stick to your dedication to pay debts and save money for the future. So, when are you going to use one?

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