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7 Of the Most Popular Payroll Apps on the Market: Free and Paid

Hiring staff is a sign of a thriving and growing business. However, bringing more people on board can come with certain complications and challenges. You have to deal with added admin tasks like calculating salaries, generating pay slips, developing tax forms and more.

Luckily, you don’t have to hire an accountant or bookkeeper to stay on top of things. There are dedicated payroll apps that are designed to make your life easier. Most of these apps allow you to manage your business’ financial health with the press of a button on your phone.

But, there are a lot of options choose from which can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for check stub. Luckily, we’ve already done the legwork for you and have come up with a list of the 7 most popular payroll apps on the market.

1. Intuit Payroll:

The genius of Intuit Payroll is that you can integrate it with QuickBooks for perfect symbiosis when it comes to managing your books. The Intuit app will take care of all matters related to payroll tax and you can use it to generate a wide variety of payroll reports.

Since Intuit offers different packages and price plans, it’s perfect for small businesses which often have varying budgets.

In fact, Intuit has a plan for every type of small business, regardless of what your budget and needs are. The most basic plan starts at $29 and handles regular payroll processing and tax services. Price plans can go up to $109 per month with added features, while integrating new employees usually costs about $2 to $4 per head.

2. Gusto:

The Gusto payroll app offers payroll for contractors and regular employees alike. It functions through an online cloud interface which allows you to generate payroll reports, direct deposits and tax services. This is in addition to human resource services offered by the company at no extra charge.

Gusto is ideal for solo entrepreneurs that function as sole proprietors but need a bit of help every now and then. The app simplifies the process of working with 1099 contractors as you can use it to pay several contractors in one go. It also provides massive value for money, and you can run multiple payrolls without paying extra. The Gusto app also allows you to switch up your payroll schedule without compromising your pricing plan.

3. Xero Payroll:

Xero is popular software that’s utilized by millions of users around the world. It comes with features that make payroll management a walk in part.  This includes automatic payment data submissions, tax calculations, pay slip generation and you can even use it to make bulk and individual payments.

Another useful function from Xero is that it enables you to print out pay slips or email them to individual employees, and you can also use it to track working hours and manage things like leave-taking.

The app is great for keeping track of how much each employee should get paid and when, based on the amount of work completed and the scope of work involved in their role. All of this is done automatically by the way and all you need to do is input the initial information.

Xero is truly a comprehensive service because the app also offers bookkeeping software and pension data management. It’s a one-stop shop for managing not only payroll but all financial aspects of your business.

4. Sage Payroll Services:

The well-known accounting software known as Sage has developed a payroll app that's perfect for SME's. The Sage payroll app offers tools that help you to keep track of things like paid leave, bonuses, absence, pensions and more. It has a unique four-step pay run that only requires that you input hourly or annual pay while the app takes care of the rest. Of course, there's a tax component to the app as well and you can do all of this on the go through your smartphone or tablet device.

5. Bamboo HR:

Bamboo HR now offers a convenient payroll solution to go with its innovative accounting software. The Bamboo HR Payroll app can be integrated to the platform's employee-management software to help you manage tasks like hour tracking, add new employees, time-off tracking, performance management and bonus payouts to name but a few. However, you need to be an existing user of the Bamboo HR service to get the most out of this app.

6. Patriot Payroll:

Patriot Payroll is a dedicated payroll service app that's specifically designed to cater to small businesses. It's a convenient and cost effective alternative to managing payroll and taxes compared to hiring an accountant. The app is suitable for hourly and salaried employees alike, and it comes with direct deposit function and a dedicated employee portal.

7. OnPay:

The final payroll app on our list is OnPay, award-winning payroll software that's comprehensive yet easy to use. The app allows you to make unlimited pay runs and make changes at no extra charge. It also streamlines data entry by saving employee details in a specialized vault. Tax compliance is taken care of as well, including the filing of tax forms, tax calculation and payment.

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