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5 Tips to Improve User Experience in Your App

The success of your app depends on how well your users accept it. Customer satisfaction is essential for every business; the same applies to your app. Your app should be user-friendly and anyone of different ages and levels of IT knowledge should be able to use it.

If you have launched an app and it is not doing well in the e-commerce market, it is a must for you to consult an expert app development company.

Here are some useful and tested tips to improve user experience in your app:

1. Conduct a survey

The best way to know how well your app is being accepted out there is to get feedback from the users of your app. You can make your surveys convenient and accessible so that customers will get engaged.

For easy accessibility, make a pop-up form which prompts users to rate your app. You can provide a space where your users can input suggestions for improvement and other features they want to be added.

Another way to know the effectiveness of your app is to use qualitative analysis tools, such as Appsee and Google Analytics. These tools are easy to use and provide visual information since you can see how your users react to your apps. Hence, you are provided with answers to the “whys” of your quantitative data.

2. Simplify the sign-up entry

One of the best ways to make customers immediately leave your app is having lengthy and thousands of form fields they need to fill up before accessing it. Since sign-up screens are the window to your app, make it simple yet inviting.

Nowadays, mobile users are very impatient, so it is better to give them a short and concise sign-up process than overwhelm them with lots of questions. The first critical information to collect includes the name and email address. Other data can be gathered the next days of usage through pop-ups and short surveys.

Moreover, to entice would-be users of your app, it is better to give them insights and previews on what they will experience rather than directly throwing them your sign-up screen.

3. Provide a speedy search feature

In this information age, users want an immediate result of their searches with just a click. For instance, job applicants today don’t have to create CVs from scratch anymore because they can just search for and download resume templates online, fill in their information, and they’re good to go.

Similarly, if you reduce the search effort of your users, they will likely become comfortable with your app. You can add keyword and barcode scanning for faster filtering of things they are looking for. What is important is to provide related search results rather than give them zero feedback.

Moreover, you should have good navigation and useful links to cater to their needs. Make it quick and easy for users to do a search within your app by having an in-app search engine, making your app very user-friendly.

4. Offer support

New users are still wondering how to navigate your app. To encourage them to continue using it, offer them easy access to information and assistance they need by doing the following:

  • Employ live chat buttons that are visible around your app. Live chat support will motivate impatient users to stay on your app since they know you are just a chat away whenever they need help.
  • You can also add an FAQ page that users can refer to.
  • Make your contact information available by creating a “Contact Us” page, which includes your company’s number or email address; these serve as backups in case the live chat feature malfunctions.

5. Secure personal information

People are now open to sharing critical information such as credit card number, billing information, and email address. However, many are still wary of sharing such information because of the prevalence of security breaches and cybercrimes.

To avoid worrying your app users, offer transparent privacy and sharing settings. Explain how their data are handled. This will give them confidence that your app is trustworthy.

In addition, provide an option that will allow them to share their settings with other social media platforms. It should include “allow” and “turn off” buttons to cater to individual preferences.


Optimizing your app user's experience is the best marketing strategy you can use to promote its usability. If your customer feels at home and their needs are efficiently being met using your app, the probability of getting recommendations is high. Therefore, put importance on the user experience aspect when developing your app.

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Jesse Green considers himself as a tech geek as he is always on his toes when it comes to the different innovations for businesses. Jesse understands how vital technology is in the success of a business which is why he has been fascinated with this niche for years. Jesse has been using his article contributions to buildfire as a platform to help different businesses thrive and grow. During his free time, Jesse likes to read books and spends time with his family.

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