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5 Tips Consider When You Develop eCommerce Mobile App

Tips to Develop an Amazing eCommerce Mobile App

This article is for mobile app developers and it's all about how to develop an amazing eCommerce mobile app. Not exactly but here I'm going to discuss some important things that you need to do while you Developing eCommerce Mobile App.

There are a lot of parts involved in mobile applications and even more in eCommerce app. Generally, developers are developing a mobile app but they don't even notice some things those are involved with it. It's not a big problem but it can affect your sales.

So, before you dive into developing a mobile app, there are certain key guidelines and rules that have been decided by mobile apps that you really need to know and understand. I've outlined those five important areas of eCommerce app that you must keep in your mind.

Amazing eCommerce Mobile App


1. Simple & Uncluttered User Interface

One important factor keeps in your mind while you are designing UI and it's a screen size. Because mobile device screen is much smaller than a desktop or laptop. So, it's important how much content you can display on one screen and you are very limited to do this thing.

On your mobile app home screen, you should focus on having a simple, uncluttered layout. Make sure it highlights your latest promotions or most popular items. Try to make it simple and it should be easy for users to navigate.


2. Consistent Navigation in The eCommerce Mobile App

The eCommerce website contains a large menu. But in eCommerce Mobile App, make sure your navigation should be proper. You're limited to how many items you can effectively display within the global navigation. Just simplify your menus. Your menu list should contain all categories and sections. It should be easily understood by users by using just a single word.


3. Avoid a Long Signup and Checkout Process

Users don't like long Signup and Checkout process. They have just no patience and frustrating having a deal with long processes on the small screen. So, you've to make it easy and simple. Allow users to sign up with their favored social media network.

You should also keep user information for any future purchases, once users have created an account they should be able to log back in with all their details saved. Use autofill for repetitive tasks. So, avoid Long Signup and Checkout Process in eCommerce Mobile App.


4. Display a Clear "Add to Cart" Button

"Add to Cart" button encourages users to purchase something. It should display clear on the screen so users can easily click on this button and the product is added to your shopping cart.

It makes the simpler purchasing experience for users and this way your sales will increase. So, display a clear "Add to Cart" button in your eCommerce Mobile App.


5. Minimize the Number of Images

Generally, mobile app users expect that mobile screens load instantly, especially shoppers. If it's not loaded properly, customers will shop elsewhere. Everyone knows that all are not using superfast broadband.

A simple method to improve app loading speed and improving the usability of your interface is to limit the number of weighty HD images and ensure you are using the appropriate format the device can support, especially on product screens where you are tempted to have multiple images.


So, these are the 5 most important things that you have to keep in mind when you’re developing eCommerce Mobile App. If you want to know more about developing mobile applications, stay tuned to TheGreatApps. Follow these tips and build a Best eCommerce Mobile App.

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