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5 Best Free Gaming Video Editing Tools For Beginners

What about editing gaming videos and uploading them on different platforms to get some of the most wonderful comments from the viewers? Isn't it an interesting task? The task is interesting, but the process can be daunting if you fail to choose the right video editing software.

Of course, there are a plethora of online video editing tools, but the complexity lies in choosing the one that boasts of professional quality. Choosing a feature-rich podium is very important to ensure your gaming video receives good recognition online.

The details below will help you find the most beneficial gaming video editing tool.

1. InVideo

Want to do the job of creating gorgeous gaming videos easily and quickly? Not to worry when you have InVideo right at your disposal. This online video editor will help you edit videos in just a few clicks.

It is probably the best gaming video editing software because it is both user-friendly and feature-rich. It allows users to fine-tune their videos to complete perfection regardless of whether they are beginners to veteran video makers.


  • Both blank template and text-to video options can be used for editing gaming videos.
  • More scenes can be added, duplicated, and added to the videos in the storyboard section of the software.
  • Music can also be added to the gaming videos to make them more entertaining and effective.
  • The software's advanced editor section helps users edit their gaming videos more thoroughly simply by adding special effects, voice-overs, and text.


  • InVideo's extensive library of more than 2500 customizable and premade templates can be used for different projects.
  • Its library consisting of royalty-free music can be used for adding to scenes.
  • InVideo is an easy to use platform possessing the ability to deliver wonderful results.


  • The editing window is too small.
  • Users need to spend a huge amount of time navigating the customization options.

Regardless of your niche, InVideo, available at $30.00 per feature per month, will always offer you something to suit your requirements.

2. Lightworks

One of the best things about Lightworks is its intuitive and simple interface. This makes it very easy for the users to pick up and use the software. Apart from this, you also get a good collection of video tutorials that make the tool easier to learn and more accessible.

Its suite of untouched and exclusive music clips and stock videos make it the right platform to be used for editing almost any program. And yes, you can always use the tool to give your marketing videos a polished appearance.


  • Simple and top-quality trim alternatives for precise and fast video editing.
  • Multicam editing helps in syncing clips from varied cameras.
  • Speed optimization option helps users in continuing with the editing work while taking in new content.
  • The tool supports different video formats.
  • Videos can be shared very easily with rapid export to Vimeo, Instagram, Vimeo, and Facebook.
  • Team project sharing in real-time with each user getting editing access.


  • Classy and simple editing tools


  • Very few audio effects
  • The free version comes with limited features

The Pro version of Lightworks is available at $24.99 per month.

3. Hitfilm Express

Powerful and robust are the words that best describe Hitfilm Express, an entirely free gaming video editing software. This single program works as both a compositor and an editor. Additionally, you also get the option of stacking unlimited video and audio tracks one upon another, provided your computer can easily handle the process.

The neat special effects and VFX abilities make this platform more useful than its competitors. The tool also supports highly advanced animation and keyframing, features which you will not find in the other video editing tools.

Users can adjust temporal and spatial interpolation and even create keyframes while using the value graph at the same time. The tool also supports single and double motion tracking with great accuracy.


  • Professional-grade editing with cropping tools and color pickers.
  • Composite shot enhancements allow users to animate two different shots to create surreal videos.
  • Unlimited audio and video timeline track maker.
  • Auto-stabilizer features make shaky footage appear smooth.
  • An adaptive trimmer allows users to re-trim their clips post, adding the same to the timeline.


  • It gives users the scope of copying the attributes of one clip and applying the same directly to the other clips or a project.
  • There's an audio mixer that can be used for fine-tuning sound to create professional-quality videos.
  • Different transition options like dissolve push and zoom.


  • A powerful system is required for using the advanced effects of the tool.
  • The software may crash occasionally.

Available for free, HitFilm Express is a highly advanced video editing tool for beginners. The Pro version of the software is available at $349.

4. VideoPad

One of the greatest free options for anyone looking to create top-quality videos instantly and without spending much. It offers different types of easy-to-use and simple features like 3D video editing.

The sound-effects library of the tool can be used for trying out varied video styles and compositions. Videos can easily be edited with overlays, transitions, texts, and special effects, along with sound effects and color adjustment.

Finished videos can be exported to Facebook, YouTube, and Google Drive easily and quickly.


  • Double in-built screen for intuitive and easy editing.
  • Social media publishing and sharing tools for sharing videos rapidly.
  • Visual effects and video transitions library for customizing videos.


  • Video optimization options like stabilization.
  • Customizable and premade transitions for top quality and polished professionalism.


  • Too simple, especially for professional video editors.
  • Does not come with many advanced features.

The free download option available with this video editing software makes it worth using.

5. Kdenlive

One of the most excellent alternatives available to the other video editing tools found in the market, Kdenlive comes loaded with exclusive features and even feels highly flexible. Also, it performs way better than the other tools because of the proxy clips that help in editing 4K footage.


  • Unlimited tracks and videos find support in batch mode.
  • Multi-track editing is also possible.


  • Wide assortment of video effects and transitions.
  • Several choices for activities like rotations, distortions, blue-screen, color adjustments, and masking.
  • Audio effects come with features for modifying pitch and phase.


  • User interface with found sections can be a little confusing for some users.

This free gaming video editing tool for beginners is worth giving a try for the features it comes loaded with.


So, what do you think of the list provided above? The video editing tools mentioned here are probably the best, and it will not take you much time to learn the basics of these tools.

About The Author
Ritu Dubey

Ritu Dubey is a Growth Hack Marketing Manager at InVideo. She has previously written and contributed to audience growth strategies, especially in the field of Video Marketing, for publications including Medium, Entrepreneur Magazine, Marketing Directo, and much more.

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