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5 Amazing .IO Games 2018

.IO games are all the rage these days. You might think only kids like to play these games, but they can be quite addictive for adults as well. I have compiled a list of top five .IO games of 2018, and I'm sure you're going to love them. So without further ado, let's check out our list!

1. MooMoo.io

This incredible game can get your adrenaline rushing in no time. There are wolves and bullies everywhere, and you are supposed to escape them, or if you end up encountering one you ought to beat them to death! It's an entertaining game to play, and once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it a lot!

2. Narwhale.io

Another game in the top rankings and most loved by players these days is narwhale.io. The game is quite simple, and it is also very easy to learn. You're basically a narwhale trying to kill other narwhales. You can personalize your narwhale by naming it and choosing its skin color. It might prove to be a little difficult to learn this game, but eventually, you will get the hang of it. You can move your narwhale by moving your cursor in the general direction you desire your narwhale to step in to.

3. Agar.io

This is the old classic, but I had to list it because sometimes people like to get back to what they started with. Although you might need to watch a lot of adds to get more coins, this game is still on our list because it created all the .io games hype in the first place. Of course, there are many new games that are considered a lot better by the players now, but it still has some great qualities like minimal lag, etc.

4. Slither.io

Miss the old days and cell phones on which you'd spend hours playing the snake game? The thrill of growing the skin by eating tiny pellets of food on screen in random places and having to save the snake from dying is back! Slither.io is a fun game that will remind you of the old days and players say that this game has proven to be an absolute addiction for them!

The game has an additional feature, however, which makes it a lot catchier. This game, like many other .io games, can be played with other players so you can attack the tiny snake enemies roaming around your territory, but beware! You might become a prey yourself. Altogether, I'd say it's a great game to play because I'm addicted to it myself.

5. Starve.io

The idea of Starve.io is similar to MooMoo.io; it is just a lot more popular because the graphics are better and the game doesn't lag as much. This game is also a lot more complicated and harder than the MooMoo.io. But again, it is the adrenaline rush that draws a lot of players to this game. If I had to rank this game, I would give it a perfect ten because it is literally one of the most flawless .io games that can be found out there on the web. It took me a good two days to understand it correctly, I almost feel like Hunger Games while playing it.

I hope you enjoy these games; and if you’re looking for more fun games, head here: dimble.games/tag/io/.

About The Author
Catalina Smith

Catalina Smith is a young digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. She has covered the gaming world online for over six years. She regularly posts at Dimble.

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