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3 Types of Digital Marketing Apps That Are Transforming Business

The World Economic Forum recently released information regarding the importance of collaboration in a connected world. Among the many key takeaways, perhaps the biggest was that companies should be focusing on using collaborative platforms such as apps in order to increase business growth and gain a competitive edge. Running a business at any level is hard work, but luckily we live in an age where there’s literally an app for that. By using the right host of apps, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their marketing spend and also increase overall profitability due to enhanced productivity.

Apps That Help Manage Social Presence

As you know very well by now, social media is a key component of 21st-century marketing strategies. Social media for business purposes allows brands to build awareness, form connections and track engagement. However, the real importance of social media lies in the fact that 95% of online adults are more likely to connect with a brand if they're sharing content on social platforms. With this sector of digital marketing playing such a big role in modern-day strategies, apps that help businesses manage their social presence are transforming the ways in which they can connect with potential and existing customers.

These types of apps let businesses accomplish tasks that vary from assistance with creating quality, consistent content, crafting social advertisements, scheduling posts and even using smart analytics to track engagement and measure the effectiveness of social campaigns. Forbes notes that the key to dominating social media marketing in the modern-day business landscape is knowing how to make sense of the data and analytics that come from it, and apps help brands do just that.

Apps That Increase Effective Communication

Good communication in business is great for more than just avoiding misunderstandings. Brands that know how to leverage digital tools to increase communication also see increases in creativity, innovation, team relationships, and positivity. Due to the positive benefits of effective communication, brands all over the world are turning towards desktop and mobile apps to help them stay connected and in-the-know in order to produce consistent marketing materials that fuel business growth.

Platforms that allow for organized internal team communication help content creators and managers alike to manage their time, schedule meetings, set deadlines, share files on the cloud and even receive desktop notifications when something gets shared, uploaded or finished. One company has even turned towards mobile and desktop apps as a way to organize their remote marketing team across six different time zones, which is becoming increasingly more common and popular in the gig economy and age of remote working culture. The most common apps used by remote marketing teams like this are online platforms that allow for content sharing and messaging, video conference apps and integrate interactive conference room solutions.

Apps That Encourage Professional Growth

Part of being a content marketer is keeping up with the fast-paced digital world in which we live. This means staying on top of trends, changes, and innovations both within and outside of a company's industry. The top digital marketers who are crushing the game tend to do so because they're aware of what others in their industry are doing and how they're doing it. Apps that allow these digital marketers to easily consume content in the name of innovation, growth, and learning are often overlooked and highly underrated.

The great thing about these apps is that they allow creators to curate their own newsfeed and receive news related to only their industry or their specific job task. This type of information is highly valuable as a marketer as it allows you to change your approach to your company's digital marketing strategy or even look for and share quality content with your target audience. In fact, one of the top digital marketing trends for 2019 is sharing conversational content that can either spark a conversation with your target audience or includes more conversational language about a topic that interests them. As this trend takes hold and digital transformation continues, this makes content consuming and sharing apps even more important for digital marketing teams.

Taking Advantage of the Power of Digital Transformation

Engaging with and harnessing the power that apps have to relay information, provide valuable analytics and easily create and share quality content is one of the most important aspects of being a successful modern-day digital marketer. Businesses that are positively embracing digital transformation are already experiencing the compounding benefits of app usage for both business practices and marketing efforts. From marketing automation to more effective remote working communication, marketing teams should be trying out all of the apps they can in order to find one that works for their team's needs and style. If you find that you're having trouble choosing which one to go with, there's an app for that too.

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