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4 Apps to Help You with School Struggles

If you know that you do struggle in school, by now you should realize that no unless you are in a special school the teacher cannot put on hold the rest of the students so that he or she accommodates your pace of learning. With this said, it is up to you to find ways which will help you work through your school struggles and finding algebra homework help, one of the best ways is by getting useful apps. Technologies to help with school struggles are always available and they meet the needs of students with school struggles. We have a look at apps which make learning fun and engage the learner, improving their skills in spelling, writing and reading. They play a major role to improve the students’ self –esteem.

Some categories of apps which will help you with your school struggles include

1. Helpful tools which aid in everything and in anything a student or a teacher might be struggling with. Those helpful tools include

Dyslexic like me – if you are experiencing learning struggles because of dyslexia you are catered for, whether it is you or your loved one. It is a bit complicated to explain to someone with dyslexia. This app is great because it makes it easy for them to understand. This app is essential in making learning easier. The app is interactive and improves your understanding.

2. Fundamental apps are very essential for everyone who has struggled with fundamentals such as spelling, reading, and writing. Some of the fundamental apps include

Dragon dictation – This helps students who struggle with writing. The application writes down the spoken text. If you need help writing down ideas or content, dragon dictation is a great learning tool.

Merriam-Webster – This app is helpful to you if you have a problem with spelling. This is a great dictionary which provides spelling to every kind of word you might be struggling with.

3. Reading apps offer support to those students who struggle with reading every time. These reading apps include the

Speak it – This helps students who have reading disabilities as it translates text to speech. It reads aloud the written word and for you to understand.

Blio – This has most features that a basic reader need, but the most unique part is that it highlights the reading. Highlighting is important because a student struggling with reading can make sense of the whole text. This is one of the apps with this unique feature that proves to be very helpful to you if you are using it.

4. Writing apps which are of great help because they teach by making writing fun as they assist the students with their writing task. Some of these include

iWrite words – This has been proven to be one of the best apps that helps students with writing disabilities. The app has been designed to be fun because it is a game-based engaging app with animations and illustrations which make writing interesting.

There are many apps out there which help students with school struggles, whether in writing, spelling, reading among others. There are also spelling apps, but the four listed categories are the top most. Visit homework help desk so that you get to determine what kind of an app you need and why. With the help of apps, you will be doing better within no time.

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