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3 Great Marketing Strategies for Mobile Apps

Developing and selling apps can be a great source of revenue if it is done right. Even when you have the best app globally, a failure to market it will lead to frustration, and you might not get what you want out of the app. Mobile app marketing could help. Mobile app marketing encompasses most of the tactics and techniques you would use to market a product or service, but with some nuances that you should understand beforehand. Proper marketing can make your app a huge success, and to help you out, we are going to look at some strategies you can use to ensure its success.

Have a Plan in Place

Since you plan to build a great app that you will then sell or monetize in a different way, it is very important to define and understand the app way before you start a marketing strategy. One of the first things to do is know why you are building the app, what purpose it serves, whose needs it meets, and the revenue model you will follow once the app starts seeing some traction.

To ensure all of these are adequately captured, having a business plan is a must. There, you will have a detailed analysis of what the app is, what it does, what needs it meets, and who it is for. Additionally, you will have details on how the app will make money, revenue forecasts for the app, and an exit strategy for when you eventually decide to sell your app.

A detailed business plan can be an excellent tool for informing and directing your marketing strategies, and this is why taking the time to ensure you do it right is so important.

Have a Single Source of Information

Once you start pushing the app to more people, they will start looking for your app, and you need to ensure they find the information you need them to easily. An informative website is an excellent tool for this and is the first critical step in your marketing plan. A well-designed app is also great for SEO. People might end up finding your app organically when looking for keywords that are related to it. Third, your app’s website can be the foundation for building its social media marketing strategy. It can be where people are directed when they find it on social media and on other channels. It is also the place where people can sign up to your newsletter, share the app, and generally engage with you and your app.

Take Advantage of Multiple Promotional Channels

There are several promotional channels you could use for your app, and it is up to you to decide which ones would be best for your app. Not all of them will be suited to your app or budget, so draw up a shortlist of the best and try them out in turn, measuring results as you go.

One of these is influencer marketing. A lot of apps have become popular after being showcased to thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people by influencers. Remember that, for this to be successful, you need to find the right influencer with the right target audience. Do some market research to see which influencers are likely to be receptive to a pitch, otherwise, it’s a waste of time approaching them.

Another powerful promotional channel is video. Videos can help demonstrate how your app works and let people know how they would benefit by downloading and installing it. Videos also have a broad reach because there are numerous platforms to post them. Tiktok is popular with the younger generation, but YouTube still has billions of views. Short videos can be cross-posted on social media and embedded in blogs and on your website.

Take full advantage of social media. Social media remains the easiest and most convenient way to market almost anything, be it a product or service. Being active on social media, especially those with huge numbers such as Facebook and Twitter, will provide you with the springboard you need. Focus on the channels where your audience is most likely to be, which will depend on the demographics of your target customer. Post teasers in the run-up to the app’s release, to create a buzz and encourage people to click on links to find out more information.

Ask for reviews from people who have tried the app. Consider offering the app to a small cross-section of users to test it and then ask them to submit a comprehensive review. As long as the reviews are positive, they can be added to your marketing channels online.

There is a lot that goes into marketing an app. However, it all starts with a good foundation, and the strategies discussed above are a great place to start.

About The Author
Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters is a freelance writer from Melbourne who blogs about health and fitness. Jessica is an avid traveler and regularly crosses the globe to learn about other cultures while blogging from her laptop.

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