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12 Simple and Essential App Marketing Tips

Here we listed Simple and Essential App Marketing Tips for App Marketers. We know the competition is very tough these days. Being an App Marketer is not always easy in this 2017.

Get more users for your own mobile app using these Best App Marketing Tips. People are always looking for something new and best. If you developed a best mobile app but you've not started promoting yet, then it is meaningless.

Developers are developing best apps but they failed. Why? The reason is they don't know how to start marketing of mobile application. Marketing is a must before and after the launching. If you are curious about how to promote your own mobile apps, this article is for you.

But your app should be unique and more beneficial for users. Read How to Make Best iOS Apps.

Promote your Mobile App with Effective App Marketing Tips

1. App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Play Store and App Store gives priority to certain apps in search results based on a variety of ranking factors such as ratings, tags, screenshots, app title, download data etc.

So you have to fill out all of the fields with relevant details. During the submission on App Stores, pick your categories carefully.

App Store Optimisation

2. Choose the Right name and description for App

It is necessary to choose the right name for your mobile app. Focus on one keyword which is related to your application and write a description using this keyword. Use this keyword throughout the content. This way your app will come in first on Play Store or Apps Store. So people notice your app and they will download your mobile app.

We are discussing App Marketing Tips. Yeah, it is not marketing tip but it helps to increase downloads and this way you will get the positive reviews from the users. And you know reviews and ratings are really matter for developers.

3. Start Releasing Teasers of Your Mobile App

Let people see the app. We all know that humans are visual creatures. Release the teaser of your application. It is the best instead of hearing and reading about it. It is the way to move people from "interested" to "excited" about your application by releasing teasers. It is one of the best App Marketing Tips.

4. Start Marketing Long Before the Launch

You have to start marketing before the launching. Yes, tell others what is your application and how much your app is helpful to people. Tell them how it differs than other applications.

5. Promote Your Mobile App on Social Media

Social Media is one of the best App Marketing Tips. Share your blogs on social media networking sites. Start marketing before the launching the app. It is the best platform to promote your app.

Social Media

6. Showcase Your Own App on Apps Gallery

The many websites are providing this kind of facility. Here you can showcase your own Apps & Games. They will help you to promote your App. TheGreatApps is World's largest app gallery. It is the great platform to showcase your talent and get more positive reviews from millions of users. Not only this, but they will help you from first to last.

7. Ask for Feedback

You have to ask for feedback before the launching and after the launching. Share your app ideas with people before the launching. Tell them how much your application will be helpful to users. And get a suggestion from the people. This way you get a huge attention. This is one of the great app marketing tips.

8. Reddit, Quora, and niche networks

Reddit is the best and cheapest for advertising. My friend was running a Reddit ad campaign. He paid £50 for about 600 clicks and he got more than 600 clicks. So it is really best. Start advertising and contributing to niche social networks such as Quora and Reddit.

Reddit, Quora, and niche networks

9. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective app marketing tips. Offer some useful information to your potential users. The information should be valuable for them. It is the best way to driving the traffic in your mobile app.

10. Make a Video of Your Mobile App

Make an effective and attractive video for your mobile application. So it is easily noticed by people and it really increases your android apps downloads. Make an awesome video with clear sound effect. It is one of the best App Marketing Tips.

11. Don't Late to Start Blogging

Always post fresh content on your mobile app website. Write about your app which will draw people to your application. If you don't know how to write then hire the experienced bloggers. They know how to write. Share your blogs in all social media networking sites. Write at least one blog in a week.

12. Get app reviews

Don't forget to get feedback from your users. The Ratings and Reviews are Matter More Than You Think. Try to read your customer's reviews. Before the launching, you should have to take feedback from people.

Get app reviews

So, these are all top Effective App Marketing Tips. The above App Marketing Tips will help you to attract more peoples. Hope! This article will help you. If you have any query, then feel free to Contact Us.

And if you have more idea about marketing then discuss with us in comments. In fact, TheGreatApps will help you to promote your app. It is World's largest apps gallery. Showcase your Apps & Games and get a huge response from our millions of users.

Submit Your Apps & Games Here and showcase your talent. And also try these App Marketing Tips and see the result.

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