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Zombie Blast

Zombie Blast

by PixieGames


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Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast
Zombie Blast

Welcome to the new game is about Zombie Head Smasher, we have created only what you like! In game 200 Great Levels are now available in this puzzle game! Zombie Blast is the №1 addicting and entertaining game free available on Google Play.

Smash the heads and clean the field to pass the level!

Zombie Blast -  is an addictive yet simple puzzle game, where you need to blast all heads on game board.
Be careful when you splash heads, you have limited moves in the round!
Play through 200 of levels. Zombie Blast is easy to learn and control, but with each level of complexity increases!

* Features *
* 2 game modes Arcade and Puzzle.
* As many as 10 bosses with whom you have to fight as it passes!
* A bucket full of levels - total of 200 unique Levels
* 5 types of locations to combat the Zombies Heads
* Easy to control, fun to play.
* Great graphics in HD quality.
* Advance in rank as you solve more puzzles
* You can sharing your Zombie Smasher rank results on facebook.
* Control sound mode, Russian and English Language and other aspects from the settings menu.
* Great for ages 9 +!

How to play?
First, select a game mode Arcade or Puzzle to begin playing.
Arcade mode:  simply touch the zombies head's to kill them or head changed the color, you need to clear the game board, and you'll will move to the next level. When the heads smashed, you get extra moves, try to smash as many goals in one move.
Puzzle mode: the world of amazing adventures 200 unique levels, a large amount of functionality. For the passed level you will receive bonuses. After every 20 levels you will be able to fight with the bosses, all of its unique features and power.

Zombie Smasher is a wonderful puzzle game for all ages. Enjoy a simple yet challenging and engaging game. Free to play on google play store!

Zombie Smasher is full of options to pick from, from easy play to brain twisting puzzles. Simply select your preferred game mode and start playing. You will enjoy playing this game from the first play and it can keep you playing for endless hours.

Enjoy playing and thanks for your support!

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