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Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words

Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words

by jaimetorresapps


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Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words
Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words
Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words
Zero Swear - Filter Bad Words

Filter swear words from audio recording or transcriptions of up to 1 minute with this swear filtering app. Share cleaned audio or transcription anywhere.


Say goodbye to swear words! If you have a habit of using bad words or you do it for the sake of humoring others, you may want to be careful with the use of swear words on public forums. One of the textbook techniques of filtering swear words is to add a beep sound or an asterisk in place of the swear words. If you are tired of manually filtering swear words from audio recordings or transcriptions, then this app is designed for you! Zero Swear saves your time and effort that goes into manually editing and filtering swear words from recordings and textual data. With this app, you can automatically filter the swear words with a beep sound and an asterisk in audio recordings and transcriptions respectively!


Try Zero Swear Now!


No More Swear Words!

Swearing has often cost online kings all of their fortune! In most cases, swearing stains your reputation online, so you shall abstain from using swear words. The best way to eliminate any chance of using swear words in audio recordings or transcriptions is to get an auto swear filtering app. Zero Swear is ideal for podcast recorders, streamers, transcription service providers and anyone who is habitual of using swear words. The app automatically filters the swear words, so you need not worry about tainting your reputation.


Filter Swear Words From Audio

Are you planning to record the audio for your next online video? Or you want to filter the use of swear words to make your content age-friendly? In any case, auto filtering of swear words for your recorded videos will save you a lot of time and effort. Zero Swear lets you record up to 1 minute of audio input. After recording, the app will automatically filter swear words and replace them with a BEEP sound in the audio recording. Once the audio is cleaned, you can share it or save it anywhere you want!


Filter Swear Words From Transcription

If you want to create a transcription of your audio recording without mentioning the swear words in the copy, Zero Swear will help you with that as well. When you enter transcription mode, the app will automatically filter and replace swear words with ASTERISK, so you can save and share the cleaned transcription anywhere you like.


Add and Filter Your Own Words

Zero swear has a back log of all the swear words from Spanish and English languages. If you are using any form of new slang or swear words from any other language, you can manually enter the respective words in the app. The app will not only filter pre-logged swear words but also filter your manually entered list of inappropriate words from the audio recordings and the transcriptions. You can also switch between different languages as we keep adding more languages in the app!


Features of Zero Swear

* Simple and easy to use swear filtering app UI/UX

* Appealing app layout and smooth controls

* Multiple language support and smooth switching

* Add your own words in the filter list for auto censoring

* Share your censored audio recording or text transcription anywhere you like


Download and use Zero Swear today!


-Transcriptions are not always a 100 percent correct, it helps to speak clearly.
-Audio recordings are sent to Apple Servers to be transcribed. This might result in cellular data use, which could incur additional charges depending on your data plan.

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