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Yoga for PCOS - PCOD Exercise

Yoga for PCOS - PCOD Exercise

by Drzio


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Yoga for PCOS - PCOD Exercise
Yoga for PCOS - PCOD Exercise

Are you aware women with PCOS are at high risk for infertility, heart disease, and diabetes?
Are you aware that women have lesser chances to get pregnant because of PCOS?
Are you tired of medicines and long therapies?
Don’t worry, you are in right place to heal yourself in the most natural way.
After detailed research and analysis, Dr. Zio has come up with a scientific evidenced based formula to cure PCOS or PCOD by home therapy. It is a systematic approach and not any kind of magic. It is proven to give the best results with time.
The app was developed after taking approval from expert gynecologists & physicians. A tremendous amount of time was spent on its research and development as well.

The app provides perfect covering for women with PCOS:
1.Yoga for Leg and Knee pain
Yoga helps to strengthen or soothe your knee joint.
2. Yoga for back pain
Yoga helps to reduce tension in your body and keeps you free from back pain.
3.Yoga for energy
Yoga can be an excellent energy booster as it helps to improve overall physical health, enhance sleep quality and keep you stress free.
4.Yoga for thyroid problems
Yoga can help solve your thyroid problems as it keeps you stress-free, balance your energy and increase flexibility.
5.Yoga for constipation
Yoga helps with constipation problems as it massages the digestive organs.
6.Yoga for boost fertility conceive yoga
Yoga balances hormonal levels that lead to fertility boosting
7.Yoga for weight loss
Yoga poses help you to reduce weight sooner.
8.Last longer libido yoga
It decreases cortisol levels and stress which helps sex to last longer.
9.Yoga for migraine and headaches
Yoga helps to increase blood flow and boost circulation in your brain which helps to fight headaches and migraines.
10.Yoga for abs and belly fat
It helps to improve metabolism and develop muscle tone.
11.Yoga for wrinkles and rejuvenating skin. /b>
Wrinkles can occur due to stress and anxiety as well. Yoga helps to reduce those as well.

Secret formula for women with PCOD:
1. Ancient yoga
Yoga can help to eradicate symptoms of depression and yoga. It also helps to decrease testosterone levels. This in turn increases the chances of fertility in women.
Malasana, Setu Bandhasana, and Dhanurasana are a few of the reputable poses for women with PCOS.
2. Vedic diet
Women with PCOS might feel better if they follow a healthy diet as it promotes good insulin and maintains a healthy weight.
3. Pranayama
Women with PCOS problems can relax their body with the practice of pranayama. Meditation is a great way to keep yourself stress-free.
PCOD Yoga Features:
- Offer research & science-based yoga & exercise training
- Demonstrating every step of exercise in 3D videos with voice guidance for women with PCOS
- Personal trainer to keep track & coach
- Supports 18 languages - Voice instructions
- Tracks plan progress
-All home workouts, no need of any machine or Medicine
- Breathing exercise tips and advice on video
- Addition in-detail videos to understand Yoga poses, Pranayama & Exercises better way
- Daily healthy tips and guides for women with PCOS & PCOD
- More customize plans for women with PCOS & PCOD
- Daily workout and diet tracker
- Customized workout reminders to remind you progress.
- No gym, No equipment & No Medicine – No Side effects
- Work 100% - (any age)
- Non-veg / Veg / Vegan diet for all kinds of users

Easy, helpful and 100% FREE! What are you waiting for? Get best Yoga for PCOS & PCOD app in 2021 right now.
Wishing you a successful healthy journey with us… Enjoy…
Find out even more at http://www.drzio.com.

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