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Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids

Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids

by Ururur


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Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids
Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids
Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids
Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids
Wow Wow Chocolate Surprise for kids

Want to teach your kid English? In addition to entertainment, this game helps to learn the names of animals in English in an easy and fun way. The kid will get acquainted with the outside world and learn 81 words of animal names in English! 

Wow wow surprise is an easy and fun way to learn! With regular classes, the child will quickly remember the pronunciation. Training takes place in a fun way, and children are interested in studying. Take the first step in teaching your child English!

Do you or your child love chocolate eggs with surprises? Does your baby love animals and want to know the world? Can open chocolate eggs with surprises endlessly? Fine! Now you do not need to go to the store and buy a chocolate egg with a surprise, because you can install a free game on your phone and enjoy playing surprises indefinitely, without even leaving home. Your baby will never know in advance what is in this chocolate egg. This is always a surprise! Little children are just happy when they find a new toy.

How to play? Just press your finger on the egg several times to remove the wrapper and “eat” the chocolate, and here it is, a toy! By opening several eggs, you can get a special egg in which there will be 2 toys at once! If the kid is bored with just playing, you can turn on the voice acting in English so that your child at the same time remembers the words.

🔸 Graphics games for the little ones
🔹 Pleasant music and sounds
🔸 Pre-school education: will help develop memory, attention, fine motor skills
🔹 Absolutely free, no in-app purchases
Your child explores the world and develops
🔹 Will be interesting to both girls and boys
🔸 Absolutely safe for children
Optimized for smartphones and tablets
🔸 Convenient interface allows the child to use the application without the help of adults
🔹 We turn the children's phone into a personal zoo for kids

All animals are divided into collections:
🐶 Pets
🐺 Predators
🐘 Herbivores
🐮 Farm animals
🐟 Fish
🐦 Birds
🦄 Mythical animals
🐉 Dragons

Wow Wow Surprise  for kids - this is a new educational toy for kids from 1 year old and their parents. Suitable for both boys and girls.

All words and all functions are available for free and immediately. There are no in-app purchases in the app.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ururur_games/

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