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White tiles 4: Piano Tiles

White tiles 4: Piano Tiles

by HPN Apps

White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles
White tiles 4: Piano Tiles

The description of White tiles 4: Piano Genius 6

White tiles 4 - Piano Tiles Genius 6 is a awesome game which has so many new features and many black and white tiles.
This is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone.
No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers.

The only thing you need to do is DON'T TAP THE WHITE TILES, tap all the black tiles.
This is a very interesting game, it looks very simple, but it's hard to get a high score to become master or genius. The rule is concise, just tap the colorful tiles,the game start. Attention, once you tap the white tiles,the game would be over! This is a challenge of your endurance and ability,do you want become a Master or a Genius? Join me while the big upgrade is coming.

Game Features:
? 144 Awesome Arcade Game Modes
? Mixer system
? Random system
? More Instruments : Piano, Guitar, Drum, Dubstep
? Amazing Color system
? Easy to play for all ages. Hard to become a Master.
? Better User Interface
? An unparalleled gaming experience
? Share Support

There are many modes in the game and this is some HOT mode descriptions in this upgrade.

? Crazy game mode ? : The dangerous Bomb tiles are mixed in the piano tiles, pay attention, do not tap them and don't be crazy.

? Race game Mode ? : Get a certain number of tile in 10 seconds. if the previous Level have time remaining,it will cumulate to the next Level. But attention,the tile numbers will become more and more as the game goes by. And don't die.

? Multiplayer game Mode ? : Play with your friends on same stage.

? Reverse game Mode ? : The black tiles go into reverse, Don't miss.

? Flappy game mode? : Flappy mode is here. Are you ready, are you all ready?

? Side game Mode ? : Tiles swap come from Left or Right Side, watch your step and don't miss the tiles swap.

? Running game Mode ? : Run like TempleRun. Go!

? Turning game Mode ? : Watch out, It's turning around and tap all the black tiles

? Fire game Mode ? : Ready Aim Fire! Shoot them all!! Don't miss any tiles. Adding an extrusion to shoot more tiles

? Swing game Mode ? : Swing copters? No, Its Swing Dots or Doodle copter. Enjoy this Doodle Copter.

? Shake game Mode ? : The Sim Earthquake is coming. Run for your life, don't tap the white tiles, just tap the black tiles.

? Doodle game Mode ? : Just jump like Doodle Jump.

? Stoney game Mode ? : Break the stoney first.

? The Tower Mode ? : Make the tower taller and taller.

? Stick game Mode ? : Wanna a stick genius? Try stick hero.

? Extrude game Mode ? : Extrude another tile.

? Circle game Mode ? : Cross the circle, Coross

? 2048s game Mode ? : Super 2048s game.

? Crazyclick game Mode (Upgrade)? : Click faster and faster.

? Swap game Mode ? : Swap block to left or right.

? Crossy game Mode (HOT - upgrade) ? : Tap to crossing road

? Spikes game Mode (HOT - upgrade) ? : Stay away from spikes

please rate this app 5* if you like it.
Enjoy yourself !! Thank you!

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