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War Piggy

War Piggy

by War Piggy


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War Piggy
War Piggy

Did you ever dream to be a flying pig? Probably not, but now you have a chance. Take a role of the War Piggy - highly qualified air force operative, on his mission to stop the evil General von Rat. His fellow friends will assist Piggy on his mission. It is ridiculous, and it is fun.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your jetpack, and let the adventure begin!

Game features:
- Easy to play. Control Piggy's jetpack by simply dragging your finger on the screen. Dodge the bullets, destroy the enemies. Even though controls are simple, the gameplay will get tougher as you advance through the levels - stronger enemies will attack in larger waves, and the game pace will become faster. How far can your warrior skills get you?
- Destructive weapons. Lots of weapons to chose form, starting with a simple pistol or an old World War II age SMG, to a modern hi-tech lightning hurling device.
- Companions. Companions, each one with his own unique set of abilities, will accompany Piggy during his adventure. Crazy Hedgehog will strike fear into your opponents with his crazy attacks, Tough Turtle will use his shield to protect Piggy from enemies, Medi-Crane will heal Piggy when in danger, and the Pocket Dragon will supply some additional FIRE power.
- Epic boss battles. Aside from regular enemies, Piggy will have to face fearsome bosses, each with with its own means to destroy jetpack-powered pigs. Are your warrior skills strong enough to take them all down?
- Dynamic game environment. The game features day/night cycles, that actually affect the gameplay.
- Challenges. The game features lots of exciting challenges, that can be completed in order to receive rewards, such as new weapons, or companions. Completing challenges will also grant you some carrots, that can be spent on upgrades.
- Facebook integration. You can share your game results or screenshots of the most memorable moments, such as boss fights or nice combos, with your friends. This also allows you to get some additional carrots to spend on upgrades and equipment.
- Cool graphics. Cool and funny cartoon-ish graphics will look great both on phones and on large tablet screens.
- Frequent updates. Game is frequently updated with new content and fixes.

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We're always excited to hear from you so if you have any feedback on how we can make Piggy's adventure even more exciting, please leave your comments or send us an email to yuranu@gmail.com!

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