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Ultimate Penguin Simulator

Ultimate Penguin Simulator

by Glufun Games


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Ultimate Penguin Simulator
Ultimate Penguin Simulator
Ultimate Penguin Simulator
Ultimate Penguin Simulator

Hunt the prey and survive in the frozen cold arctic weather in ultimate penguin simulator. Find your family members and mate in 3d penguin game. It’s time to explore the world as a real wild penguin in arctic land. Feel the freedom as a wild sea animal, but don’t forget to survive as innocent penguin and family in Ocean Island with penguin games for kids free. Adventurous battle for life and territory with predators, earn experience and raise your family with penguin simulator.

This 3D wild animal simulator allows you to become a fearless Penguin of the arctic as it freely roams across the beach and races through the water. Best penguin simulator game of 2017 is here with detailed gameplay. Build up your strength by hunting and eating other animals.

Battle of Hunger & Survival

You are strong enough to hunt down the rabbit and fish to for your survival in Arctic Island in penguin games for kids free. They can be the meal of ultimate penguin.

Beware from Wilder Animals

Fight other animals to save your wild penguin family and territory. Beware from big predators like wild wolf and polar bear because cute little penguin cannot beat them.

Find & Protect Your Mate & Family

In penguin games you are playing as an arctic hero for your family. Find your mate and protect her from other wild predators of jungles in free animal simulation game.

Top Free Animal Simulator features include

✩ Plenty of hunting and battle missions to protect mate.
✩ Hunt down prey for mate and own hunger in penguin games 3d.
✩ Action gameplay with vibrant 3D graphics.
✩ Beware from Polar Bear, Wild White Wolf and other predators.
✩ Best penguin simulator games for all ages.
✩ Rabbit, Fish, snakes and Squirrel to hunt for survival in Arctic Island.

Play latest action packed penguin simulator games and learn how hard a life of a sea animal is. It’s time to forget other penguin games and bird simulation games, try this Ultimate Penguin Simulator and step into the adventure life of arctic land with free wild animal simulator game.

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