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translation word new 2017 PRO

translation word new 2017 PRO

by Salah Maroc

translation word new 2017 PRO
translation word new 2017 PRO
translation word new 2017 PRO
translation word new 2017 PRO

translation for word
Incredible translation word tool. It has the essential to make easy, fast, precise and accurate your translation words. Open the application, enter your text, or use the microphone for the spoken text and the translation is ready to listen or share.
****Language translator can translate 41 languages.
****Translate voice feature works with 19 languages.
****Easy to use, with big letters.
****Fast access and immediate translation.
****Takes up little space on your device.
****Share your translations.
Ideal for mobile phone or tablet. This application translate into and from more than 50 different languages and pronounce the words written for better understanding.
Enter the text you want to translate writing or speaking. The application can translate your voice.
While its main use is the translation of english into spanish and vice versa, you can do many translation words in languages such as English/portuguese, English/French, English/Italian, English/ German, etc.
The use of this application is completely free but requires an internet connection (3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-fi) to connect to the translation word server. Once translated the phrase for the first time, it will keep it in the memory to access it offline.
he languages currently supported are & translate website: (ar) Arabic, translate english to chinese,(bs) Bosnian, english translation word,(bg) Bulgarian,german to english translation, (ca) Catalan, (zh-CHS) Chinese Simplified, (zh-CHT), Chinese Traditional, (hr) Croatian, (cs) Czech, (da) Danish,english to french translation, (nl) Dutch, (en) English,french translator, (et) Estonian, (fi) Finnish, (fr) French,translate english to italian, (de) German, (el) Greek, (ht) Haitian Creole, (he) Hebrew, (hi) Hindi, (mww) Hmong Daw, (hu) Hungarian, (id) Indonesian, (it) Italian,translate chinese to english, (ja) Japanese, (ko) Korean,translate english, (lv) Latvian,chinese translator, (lt) Lithuanian, (ms) Malay, (mt) Maltese, (no) Norwegian, (fa) Persian, (pl) Polish,translate german to english, (pt) Portuguese, (ro) Romanian, (ru) Russian, (sr-Cyrl) Serbian (Cyrillic), (sr-Latn) Serbian (Latin),french to english translation , (sk) Slovak, (sl) Slovenian, (es) Spanish, (sv) Swedish, (th) Thai, (tr) Turkish, (uk) Ukrainian,translate italian to english, (ur) Urdu,german translation, (vi) Vietnamese, (cy) Welsh, (yua) Yucatec Maya,translate english,translate english to german
hare your translation words through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram) or SMS, Bluetooth, email or WiFi.
This application is similar to Google or Bing translator translator, but optimized for use in mobile phones or tablets.
The languages currently supported the app is:
++translate to spanish .
++language converter .
++french english translation word .
++translate to english .
++translate online .
++translate japanese to english  .
++spanish english translator .
++website translator .
++translate english to japanese.
++translate english to russian.
++hindi to english translation word .
++free translation online .
++translate russian to english .
+english french translation
++translate english to hindi.
++translate english to portuguese .
++word translator .
++translation french to english .
++spanish translate .
++english spanish translator .
++german english translation .
++english to german translation word..  
If the translator is to your liking, we appreciate positively qualify to be able to improve even more. Your comments motivate us to do all we can to improve the quality of the translator and satisfaction.
hank you very much to use our translator!
Note: This system uses the translation engine Bing Translator and Google Translator to make consultations and requires an internet connection to function properly.

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