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Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game

Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game

by Darkcheetah studio


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Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game
Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game
Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game
Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game
Ting Tong - Train Brain, Endless, Arcade Game

Looking for another exciting arcade game? Well, your search ends here. Ting Tong is an extraordinary arcade game suitable for all age groups. The main objective of this game is to save the actor TT from various obstacles coming around the way. You can reach higher scores while passing the next level.

This simple game only needs tapping up & down on screen. Once you start playing this game, you'll feel addicted to it. It's a one touch arcade game that can be played anytime and anywhere. The game play and control is quite comfortable. It's very easy to pass the upcoming levels. It can be assured that this game will keep you engaged if you're sitting idle and need something to utilize your time.


1. Start the game by tapping the button "Tap here to start".

2. Avoid the actor Ting Tong to hit the obstacles.

3. Touch the screen to slow down the actor TT from the obstacles.

4. For getting a high score, collect many white circle objects by slowing down.

5. Once the TT touches the obstacle, the game will get over.

6. During the gameplay, different shapes and colored obstacles will be shown on score progress.


Ting Tong is one of the most challenging and fast-paced arcade game. The players can feel mentally relaxed while playing this game. It has a very unique gameplay along with game controls. It will be appreciated by people who want a funny and endless-levels game. While casual playing, it allows to focus on manageable levels. It includes simple one-touch controls having minimum features. With multiple colors of obstacles (such as red, blue and orange), the game has the appropriate level up function. The difficulty increases while passing each level. Your brain reflexes gets trained and helps to increase the concentration levels.


With an exciting new theme of Star Wars, the game plays a breezy sound in the background. It motivates you to explore more levels. It indeed helps players focus on user levels that have training needs. This game can be considered as complete fun and exciting while played in free time. Some of the cool benefits of this game are listed below.

1. It's an excellent game for enhancing reflex skills of brain.

2. The brain can be trained with right concentration level.

3. It helps to boost attention and concentration.

4. It's an immensely challenging and time utilizing game.

5. It's totally free.

6. It can be considered as a forever best kids game.

Tips & Tricks

To pass the levels, you just need to tap the screen with your finger. It's quite easy to move to the next level without any hustles. In summary, Ting Tong is an infinite game having lots of features and funny levels.

Just a finger tap on the screen is used to complete the endless levels. The game has an enhanced and extended gameplay having multiple features. It really helps to stay you focused when you play this game. Even, it helps to improve your hands and eyes coordination. We are open to your suggestions & feedback. Kindly drop a mail to darkcheetahstudios@gmail.com

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