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The Quiz - Trivia

The Quiz - Trivia

by Dustin Ke├čler

The Quiz - Trivia
The Quiz - Trivia
The Quiz - Trivia
The Quiz - Trivia
The Quiz - Trivia
The Quiz offers a new Quiz experience! You start without any help, but the more you play, the more jokers and upgrades will be unlocked. Test your skill and learn new facts!

The Quiz has a minimalistic Design. Reach different levels and improve your skills while experiencing a relaxing atmosphere. The Quiz offers three different types of questions:
- Image questions
- Guess questions
- Trivia questions

Play alone or with up to 4 people on a single device!

4 different Singleplayer-Modes:
- Waves: Try to reach the highest wave of questions
- Timemode: Try to beat the clock and accumulate as many seconds as possible
- Hardcore: No jokers, no help. A single wrong answer ends the game
- Training: Try questions and improve your knowledge in different categories

3 local Multiplayer-Modes:
- Head-to-Head: Two players face each other and compete in this duel
- Pass'n'Play: Play with up to 4 players on one device and answer questions after one another
- Party Play: Play with up to 4 players simultaniously and compete against each other or play in teams

Various Jokers and Upgrades!
Everyone know the 50/50 Joker. The Quiz allows you to unlock more Jokers which will help you to answer questions, have a second try, add time to your countdown or siwtch the question. In addition, upgrades will help to earn more many and experience or allow you to revive after giving a wrong answer.

Numerous questions from various categories!
This quiz game offers more than 2000 handpicked questions out of 4 different levels of difficulty!
The categories are:
- Religion & History
- Science & Technology
- Politics & Society
- Nature & Geography
- Literature & Language
- Sports
- Human & Animals
- Popculture

More Features:
- Google Play Service: Collect achievements and compare your score with other players!
- Shop: Use your earned money to buy multiple jokers to reach a higher score each round. You can own multiple jokers of the same type!
- Detailed statistcs
- Save your progress
- minimalistic design
- Voice Output

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