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The Adventures of a RubberBall

The Adventures of a RubberBall

by George Panayiotou


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The Adventures of a RubberBall
The Adventures of a RubberBall
The Adventures of a RubberBall
The Adventures of a RubberBall
The Adventures of a RubberBall

Rol...I mean "The Adventures of a Rubber Ball" is a platformer game that draws inspiration from older 3D games (not in a retro-look way) where you guide Ball through various obstacles and stage hazards to reach the goal, while gathering gold coins and secrets along the way.

The stages start small enough to finish in a blink of an eye but get harder and bigger as you progress.
Roll through bite sized levels filled with traps while trying to gather up the coins while taking as less time as possible.

Levels are vibrant, start easy and short but get harder as they go.
Use a virtual on screen joystick (two sizes to select from for convenience) or your devices accelerometer.
(Can also use gamepads - tested with a wired XBOX360 gamepad.)

• No game content hidden behind micro-transactions, just for supporting the developer.
• Quality settings for low and high end devices.
• Share your gameplay with videos captured in-game via Everyplay. (Support is dependent on device.)
• Explore 4 worlds (each subdivided into more stages) each with their own theme, hazards and enemies.
• Stages get more and more challenging. (I mean you probably won't get bored?)
• Multiple control schemes (accelerometer or on-screen joystick).
• Accel-O-Matic function! (You can change the way the accelerometer works. Either have the device totally flat, or set a convenient offset angle to hold the device at.)
• Leaderboards and achievements 
• Find secrets and gather all the coins in the levels to unlock a last, harder and bigger stage than the others.
• How fast can you finish each level?

* Consider supporting it via the IAP if you liked the game but have an ad blocker ;) *

***About the permissions asked***
Camera, microphone and Storage: Those are needed if you want to use Everyplay for recording your playthroughs. If you are not thinking of sharing playthroughs with your voice over on social media, no need for the Camera or mic.
But you won't be able to show off your awesome platforming skills :D

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