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Tap 2 Win

Tap 2 Win

by Crushers

Tap 2 Win
Tap 2 Win
Tap 2 Win
Tap 2 Win
Tap 2 Win

Hit the tap button faster. Simple and funny tap game for Android. Challenge Your friends in dual-player mode to know who has faster fingers!!

"TAP 2 WIN" is simple and time killing game suited for everyone. Just hit you finger/thumb as faster as you can on the TAP button and get real-time speed of your taps on the speedometer.

"TAP 2 WIN " game has two modes for playing

1) Single player mode
2) Dual player mode

You can  compete with your friend on same device  using "Dual-player Mode" or  on Different devices using same time span of (30, 45, 60 sec) and comparing your taps to decide the winner.

What's your TPS(tap-per-second)??

Tap as fast as u can in a given time slot and get your tap-per-second speed.
There are three different time slots available in settings in which you can play as per your convenience:
                    10 Sec,
                    20 Sec,
                    30 Sec,
                    45 Sec,
                    60 Sec.

Challenge your friend in the dual-play mode in which two players can compete on same screen. One with higher taps wins!!

You can also compare the tap speeds of your thumbs.

So go ahead and find your TPS!!


Tips for higher tap speed:

- Using finger instead of thumb usually gives higher TPS(try yourself).
- Playing with smaller time-span usually gives higher TPS.

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