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Super Nano Trucks

Super Nano Trucks

by Bughouse, LLC

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Super Nano Trucks
Super Nano Trucks
Super Nano Trucks
Super Nano Trucks

4.5/5.0 stars – The iMums
“If you have a young child who loves trucks, construction or driving then I highly recommend this app…”

Children’s Technology Review
“Here’s an app that presents a unique spatial relations problem solving situation…”

If your child loves trucks, they’re going to love Super Nano Trucks! It’s an entire construction site for your iPad! Children use the dashboard to drive one of the five construction trucks, control a crane, place water and trees, build bridges, tunnels and roads, talk to construction workers and engage in uninterrupted creative play as they develop their fine motor skills. Super Nano Trucks was created for all children (and parents!) who love to play with trucks and explore their own creations.

Designed and tested for:
– Boys and Girls ages 3-8
– Developing spatial skills
– Building fine motor skills
– Encouraging creative play

How Super Nano Trucks is different than any other truck or driving game

1. Research and development led to innovations in driving controls

Most driving apps are designed to be used with two hands. One thumb for steering the vehicle and the other thumb for accelerating. That’s a problem because children under five don’t typically hold an iPad. They also only use one finger to engage with the touch screen. We solved this by designing a touch-sensitive steering wheel. By combining both the steering wheel and acceleration, just touching the wheel drives the trucks like they would on floors at home! Wherever and however they want.

2. A focus on creative play makes for a unique experience every time you start the app

We focused on guided creative play. Children can choose to complete missions to earn hard hats. In the build mode children can add roads, bridges, tunnels, trees and more to customize their environment. The environment loops on itself so that the trucks don’t get stuck and your child never loses their place.

3. A smarter set of parental controls

Parental controls were not an afterthought. In the iPad settings, parents can regulate the length of play and break time. When the specified play time is over, a break whistle appears and prevents further play until break time is done. Parents complete the narrative with their kids by saying, “Oh, it looks like the workers are on break!”. Parents can also manage the sound effects of the app if they become a little too authentic. :)


5 unique trucks – Dump truck, cement truck, bulldozer, steamroller and earth mover
Gender neutral – Designed and tested for both girls and boys
Operate the CB radio – Interact with female and male construction workers while you drive
Complete challenges – Earn hard hats by completing simple challenges on the construction yard
Authentic truck sounds – Trucks start, accelerate, change gears, beep, honk and more
Original illustrations – Artwork created by renown vector illustrator Nicholas Slater

About Bughouse in Chicago

We believe in a day when every child grows up knowing they can realize their dreams through their creations. Our mission is to inspire creative play and learning in children and provide the tools for parents to help raise amazing people.

We’re Bughouse: a super fun group of musicians, engineers, artists and writers who believe that they too, can use creativity to sculpt our world for a better future.

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