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Super Ball Jump: Bounce Adventures

Super Ball Jump: Bounce Adventures

by vuxia


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Super Ball Jump: Bounce Adventures

Jump, Bounce, Roll! A platformer designed for touch. Harder than you think! 😱

It's a Red Ball 🔴, It's an Angry Red Ball 😡,  NO It's Super Ball Jump!
Jump & Bounce on a super adventure to save & rescue all the roller Yeebees. 🙏
Carefully maneuver through the bouncy world of Super Ball Jump and join the roll adventure. A first of its kind, unlike any platformer seen, reinventing the genre for touch  - the ultimate bounce ball adventure. 🔥 

Super Ball Jump offers a new platformer gaming experience, some bouncing red roller features include: 

👋 New & innovative gameplay designed specifically for touch, jump & bounce ball with 360-degree flexibility using your fingers! Just roll your fingers across the bouncing roller ball
🏆 Hundreds of achievements to unlock integrated with Google Play for a seamless experience across all devices, roll saved levels across multiple devices too! 
🚀 Over 80 uniquely crafted levels, designed to challenge! With super high levels and adventures to go on, how high will you climb, bounce or roll?  
😍 4K HDD Graphics with awesome background visuals for your bounce ball adventure, roll on. 

How to play: 

👉 Use your finger to pull on the Ball and release to Jump at any 360-degree angle... ideally onto a platform! Just make sure not to bounce ball and roll your way off a platform from high up and turn into a red ball! 
👉 Dodge the Angry Red Ball enemies, get the checkpoints, and save the bouncing roller ball Yeebees to unlock the next level in your bouncing roller ball adventure!
👉 Careful not to fall from high up, Super Ball shatters into pieces and you have to start back from the most recent checkpoint. 
👉 Super Ball Jump could turn back to Red Ball at any moment if you don't save all the bouncing roller ball Yeebees on your adventure to becoming a true hero bounce ball. 
👉 Unlock Angry Red Ball and 4 other colors from stage 3 for super bounce ball and jump abilities, where the bouncing roller ball Yeebees princess needs to be saved and rescued from the Angry Red Ball!

⚠️ Be WARNED: This game is INSANELY red bounce ball addictive and challenging! May cause frustration and rage quitting 😆 Good luck on your red bounce ball adventure! Bouncing roller ball on!

⭐ This is VUXIA's first flagship title, we hope you enjoy and join us on the start of this new bouncing roller ball, super jump, bounce ball adventure!

🌐 Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese.

P.S. Keep an eye out for that Angry Red Ball! Time to get your JUMP ON! Bouncing roller ON! 🎢

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