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Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game

Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game

by ViMAP Services


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Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game
Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game
Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game
Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game

Sugar Cup Fever : Brain Game is a wonderful addictive flow free puzzle game of sugar.

Sugar cup fever brain game is designed in such a way that player can get most of fun while Playing, drawing lines & filling sugar in cup. Just you have to use your finger & line draw skill to play sugar cup fever brain game.
The Idea behind game is fill the cup with enough maroon sugar by drawing lines between sugar cup and sugar box. Once you draw path or line, sugar automatically flow free in directed suger cup. A simple idea so sweetly designed your cup will soon overflow with fun of maroon sugar. There are limited sugar flow in numbers so draw lines in such a way that all the cups gets filled with color sugar, maroon sugar dots.

Not only draw lines but draw something of some shape to make flow free of sugar in the cup.

Sugar Cup Fever brain game has lots of levels with different complex targets. There are different color of cups like orange,yellow,maroon etc.You have to change the color of flow free sugar with the helo of portals. Draw lines in such a manner that you can guide falling down sugars to pass through the portals and finally flow free in the desired cup.

it's looks easy but sometimes it's becomes impossible to pass the falling sugar candy through all the portals and finally into the cup.

How to Play :

Draw lines to guide falling down maroon sugar in maroon cup.
Use Portals to change color of fall down cubes with the help of crayon.

Game features :
1. Easy controls ,draw to direct the sugar to the cups.
2. Brain game for all ages.
3. Manage impossible sugar dots to flow free in cups.
4. A wonderful puzzle for your brain training.
5. A great combination of brain , dots and drawing skills.

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