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Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game

Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game

by NND Games

Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game
Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game
Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game
Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game
Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game
Sort Master - Ball Sorting Puzzle Game

*** Play the best and new puzzle game of ball sorting and increase your IQ ***

The Sort Master - Best Puzzle Game is the newest addition to our collection of exciting ball sorting games. Fun and learning at the same time, New Game is a color sorting, ball sorting and easy puzzle that helps improve concentration and achieve higher IQ levels. Just a simple concept of sorting the similar colored planets could be incredibly helpful in activating your brain cells. How? Find out here.

How to play?
- Drag a planet color ball to put it in another tube.
- The only goal is to put all same color balls in one tube.
- Try not to get stuck, but even if you do; do not worry. You can always start again at any level.

Benefits of New Puzzle Game:

Mentally active and Fit - Solving the color coded ball puzzle gives a proper exercise to the brain and makes you mentally active and fit.

Increase Concentration - When you match colored balls in-game, you tend to concentrate on the movement of planets and that helps you pay a lot of attention to details even in routine life.

Increasing your memory - Creating ways to color sort the planets increases concentration and plays a major part in increasing your memory.

Problem-Solving Ability - The Sort Master – puzzle game improves your problem-solving ability. By the time you figure out how to collect all the same planets in one single tube, your brain would be 2 levels higher already.

Increase Productivity - Playing this planet sorting game regularly will increase your productivity.

Change your Mood - The sorting games have a special ability to lift your mood when you are down.

Meditation - Puzzles and meditation are related a lot to each other. Just play this new puzzle game whenever you are in stress. After 5 minutes, you will notice that your stress levels have gone down considerably.

Mental Health - It’s all about practice. Non-competitive and free of a timer, this new game does a lot of good for the mental health in a fun way.

Features Of Sort Master - New Game
- HD Graphics
- Ball sorting and color sorting game in galaxy theme.
- Sort planets instead of balls
- Amazing relaxing meditation background music
- Any time restart level while sorting balls
- A completely free game for all
- No need to use the internet connection for the game. It's an offline game.
- Able to skip level any time
- Game divided into 4 parts Beginner, Hard, Expert and Challenging.
- 400 levels in the puzzle game.
- Easy to play the game.

Play the new game of ball sorting and color sorting now in a completely different galaxy theme. In this new game, you have to sort the planet instead of the balls. The music of calm and relaxing meditation in the background playing with the planet will take you into the universe and make a wonderful experience.

The good thing is that you can play this new game without an internet connection. You don't need to connect any online player, this is not an online puzzle game, you can play the offline puzzle game and save your internet data.

In this game, you will get a lot of levels. We have divided this puzzle game into 4 parts. Beginner, hard, Expert and Challenging. Which will gradually increase your IQ and intelligence. As you solve the level, your brain will exercise and you will experience this yourself.

Simple and intuitive ball sorting game that is good for the health. Playing games has never been so much fun! Easy to play, one-finger control and so many unique levels. Enjoy this brain game at your own pace without any penalties or time limit.




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