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Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture

Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture



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Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture
Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture
Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture
Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture
Sons Of Icarus: Rescue Venture

"Sons Of Icarus" is a classic arcade game -free to play, empowered with RPG elements, with fun and challenging gameplay based on the Parachute. A fast paced game which challenges the players' reflexes and offers the experience of retro pocket gaming.

How to play
Throughout the “Sons Of Icarus”, you are expected to navigate your ship, rescue falling ancient pilots from a giant octopus -a mythical creature- and at the same time avoid or collect falling items sent by the Greek gods. Gradually increasing difficulty, windy factors, Power Ups, day and night cycle, form the levels of the “Sons Of Icarus”. You can choose your own adventure and play either in the "Campaign or the Classic Arcade". 

- Campaign Mode & Classic Arcade Mode
Rpg elements, upgrades VS Endless Retro Pleasure
- Innovative control of the ship, enhanced with a jumping mechanism
- 60 three-star story driven levels in Campaign & 60 levels in Classic
- 3 different styles of levels. Accelerated Fall, Formation Fall, Free Fall & wind factor
- Power Ups. 7 power ups make the gameplay more challenging
- Achievements and Scoreboards lead to a more fun and competitive gameplay
- Online & Offline Mode. No wifi? Your score is saved when you go offline & uploaded on the Leaderboard when you get back online!
- Lore. Facts about myths of the world, Olympus, greek mythology, modern Greece, heroes of Hellas and more...

The Story
Once in the ancient world, a group of greek craftsmen & soldiers form a unique army of heroes. Inspired by Daedalus’ & Icarus’ story they decide to recreate the famous wingsuit, revive the arcane legend & become the first pilots of the world. Gods of Olympus oppose strongly their venture & send magical obstacles & mythical creatures in their path. The heroes then ask the Navy’s help & the game begins. Can you navigate Hephaestus' ship fast enough? Can you defy the gods will?

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Languages: English, Greek (ελληνικά)

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