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Snake Free Online

Snake Free Online

by DragonsLabs


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Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online
Snake Free Online

Challenge yourself and others in this awesome free multiplayer snake game! Up to 4 snakes can fight simultaneously in one magic arena!

Besides gathering fruits and growing your snake, you can also gather magic items and cast powerful spells to benefit your snake or harm other players in the arena!
The better you play, the more coins you earn and the faster you can unlock new exciting magic items.

After consuming a magic item, you can cast a spell on your snake or other snakes in the arena. Just swipe the magic item to the color of the player to cast the spell on and enjoy the magic happening.

You can perform powerful magic spells like:
- Slow down a snake
- Speed up a snake
- Rapidly grow enemy snake
- Shrink your snake if you need more control
- Spawn random obstacles to hinder your enemies

In the "Upgrade" menu, you can unlock new magic item using coins. Unlocked magic items can be upgraded to make them even more powerful!

In the "Shop" menu, you can buy extra coins to unlock and upgrade magic items, if you want to. You can also get energy for free to be able to play even more exciting rounds.

In the "Settings" menu, you can tweak the game to fit your liking.

Battle snake is an epic snake multiplayer real time arcade game, you command your magic snake and do battle with 3 other magic snakes in a magic arena!

It has all the fun elements of a classic snake game: you control your snake in the directions up, down, left and right. When your magic snake gathers delicious fruits or powerful magic items, your snake grows in length. When your name collides with a wall, an obstacle or a part of its own body, it's game over!

It is much more to offer! Battle snake is a snake game with an awesome fun magical twist: you can also cast powerful spells on your snake or other snakes in the arena! Battle snake brings the fun and excitement of a real time multiplayer game to the classic snake gameplay.

After a magic item has been gathered, it appears in your magic item list on the right hand side of your snake arena. Each magic item allows you to cast a powerful spell.
To cast the spell: swipe the most bottom magic item in the color direction of the player you want to apply the magic spell on.

Use the powerful spells to your advantage! For example, the wonderful shrink snake spell or the deceptive slow down spell can be used on yourself to gain better control of your snake in battle. The very powerful spawn random obstacle spell can be used on enemies to hinder their movements! Cast magic spells to your tactical advantage to tilt the tide of battle to ensure your snake the honor of glorious victory.
When your snake hits its body, a wall or an obstacle: it's game over! At the end of a game, you are rewarded richly with coins as spoils of battle based on the amount of fruits and powerful magic items that you have gathered. You also be rewarded based on the amount of magic spells you have casted on your snake and other snakes in the real time multiplayer battle!

Spend your coins to unlock more powerful and exciting magic spells to aid you in battle! Upgrading these powerful magic spells makes you even more formidable in battle, increasing the amount of fun in your snake real time multiplayer game. Which means: the more battles you play, the more coins you earn, the more you can unlock and upgrade, the more awesome powerful spells you can cast in battle, the more fun you will have in battle in this awesome fun real time multiplayer snake game!

Energy is used to enable to play more exciting battles with other snakes! Each day, you will be automatically rewarded with free energy. Be sure to use them so you can be rewarded with even more energy! Just like coins, more energy means more fun!

Battle snake is free to play.
This game requires internet connection because it is a real time multiplayer game.

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