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Smoosh Ball

Smoosh Ball

by Abhilasha Amar


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Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball
Smoosh Ball

Welcome to the smoosh game ball fun series , This is the 1st fun Game of the series.



The Smoosh Ball Sky Ship full with Gold has been smash into unknown island .
Our Lost Ball heroes Need your help to find their Lost friends.
Beware dont touch the spike that on each platform , jump high to the sky to Avoid them.
dont forget to cross the lost smoosh balls and collect them as gold.
Jump high to the Sky Now! And save the jump ball before they Eatten by the Big Monsters of the island.
Try not to Fall into the Holes and Avoid obstacles and spike as many times as you can.
Make the heroes lost friends Happy , hear to their voices when you pick them


[The Game]
Jump ball smosh game is kind of a Gold Rush game , where you need to collect
as many as gold and rush to the high Score as fast as possible and beat all your friends records. 
Cross an amazing levels and find Some Lost smosh friends.
reveal New Level difficulties.
Collecting Lost jump Ball As Gold! so the game becoming a Gold Rush.
Rush to the Max gold Bonus smosh balls and be the First to Unlock all secret Heroes.
But dont be too Rush or else you will end up falling into the Holes .
Use that Gold to Unlock all smosh jump ball Heroes ! now you can also use Gold to Remove Ads.

[ How to Play ]


To control the Smoosh Ball, tap on the Device Screen, Hold , Smash and Release the ball when you think now its the time !
Try to Land on the Lost smosh Balls to collect Some Gold , if you fall down into the Holes ,Start all over again ! 
This is one of the Hardest Games and by saying Hardest game, we mean The world hardest game!
you can post your scores at 3 kind of levels , Easy , Medium And Hard , And beat all your friends Records.


Comon! Start Smash bros !!!
Smash Them Up to the sky.
to see ...How far can you go and beat your friends??


→ Gold Rush Style Game
→ Addicting gameplay
→ New obstacles Objects Spike
→ New Lost ball Bonuses
→ New Happy Sound fx Added
→ New jump Ball heroes
→ New Achievements Level
→ New Jelly jump Sound Fx for Sepcial Character!

We Like to hear your feedback about smooshie ball :) Contact us at DustFallGames@gmail.com You can also leave a review Down Below.

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