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Smart Thief On The Road

Smart Thief On The Road

by SmartyWorld

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Smart Thief On The Road
Smart Thief On The Road
Smart Thief On The Road
Smart Thief On The Road
Smart Thief On The Road

Mr. Thief so generous this Christmas Season you would love to see thief ,who is so much curious and hard worker for the first time in history.

"Game Is All about to see How Quickly and Smartly You decide to choose any of the path you will encounter with and pick christmas season MagicBox and for that he need to Solve Puzzle related mystery and how he use his brain to make strategy to complete each level. Smart Craziest Thief if you allow thief to become Smart Thief . this gonna be totally different From others in a lot of manner as i show you before think hard,fast, pick Keys Require for Magic Box and collect coins & move further with ease like just shot the Key.

Allow thief in your control so thief never gonna Smarter than you But what about Timer,Is it More Faster Than you,Go ahead Take Challenge and become more Smarter and Faster than Timer thief.
Smart Thief need keys badly for going into Next Level but it's not going easier for him.so let's play game and make thing easier for Smart Thief

"Smart Thief' come with totally different but equally challenging game that you know but does not feel in that way ever before so it gonna be much more fun to play with Smart thief this christmas season.make your brain use quickly,fast but how to decide accurately so you should not waste any time to take this Awesome challenge that has lot of achievement are waiting for you.

Smart Thief On The Road features:

• Smart Thief Ready to face Brain freezer Challenge.
• Collect bullets & enjoy your shooting experience with
Lots of keys that makes your mind like real crazy
• More coins gonna make your life easy to pick magic box and Complete hard levels with just in few shot
• Get Ready to take time challenge as well that's another thief you need to overcome
• Complete Adventurous Levels Nonstop and You gonna rewarded by with lots of treats
• Easy but lots of fun to play,challenging to Master.
•Complete levels and make a challenging milestone for other player.

• you will get many opportunity to boost your game coins & ready to use them in between levels or outside the level too if you need to boost game timer.

• Leaderboard to watch your friends and competitors

• Most of the Adventures place where thief go to pick Keys & MagicBox also have few "Bullets" that he can use to protect himself to complete levels fast as Timer will Danger for Dangerous thief itself,isn't it? Are you ready to Smarter than Smart Thief?

• Great game for you if you like shooting ,mystery ,puzzle & arcade sorts of game as well how you make & use your strategy with bullets.

• Cool Graphics that makes you feel like in another water world that still gonna be discovered by Scientist.

You gonna feel some real and awesome arcade challenge in future levels and I bet u,You gonna Love to take this challenge So Get Ready Your mind to think like smart buddy."

“Very Addictive….It Gonna Be Great Road Games”


It gonna be exciting and engaging every time you ready to play game whether you play first level or last level ,each level gonna be heart wrenching and this make you even more crazy because their are so many Keys For you to pick inbetween the path so it's going To be Great Challenge you ever play.

Timer is another thief which makes thing even more interesting and during his Adventure ,he become even more Crazier to pick Keys and Coins to get MagicBox as essential for clear a way to move into Next Level.

“Simple Tap To Run And Long Press To Shoot The Target Gives Awesome Feeling.”

“Most Thrilling And Serious Mind Challenger”

Familiar to play, yet challenging to master, Smart Thief On The Road brings New And fresh challenges so go ahead and take those with both hands.

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last but not least,a big "THANK YOU" goes out to everyone who has Reviewed And played Smart Thief On The Road! keep Fun.

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