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SlideTeam- Presentation App

SlideTeam- Presentation App

by SlideTeam

SlideTeam- Presentation App

SlideTeam Presentation App for Android is the first-ever app that lets you share your design requirements with PowerPoint experts with tap of a finger. No opening up PowerPoint software, create rough slides and attach the file to an email. Just scribble down your ideas and requirements on paper on-the-go, launch the app, click the sketches, add a note, and press submit. That’s it.

Graphic designers at SlideTeam, presentation design agency and the world’s largest provider of PowerPoint templates, take your rough sketches and notes, convert them into impressive professional slides and deliver it to you in 48 hours. Say goodbye to ugly boring presentations, say hello to beautiful presentations!

Take photos of your notes, drawings and rough sketches
Submit sketches, drawings, white board notes, doodles or any other content
Add comments to each slide
Review all slides before submission
View pricing of custom design services

What all you can request?
PowerPoint presentations, diagrams or professional graphics for journals, magazines and corporate publications, company logos, and customized templates.

Who is it for?
The app is free and for everyone who wants a customized PowerPoint presentation or design: Business, marketing or sales professionals about to present a business pitch, students wishing to convert class notes into PPTs, researchers wanting a custom diagram for journal, Fortune 500 companies wanting customized templates, professors wanting high-impact e-learning courses, medical professionals wanting a crisp deck for seminar...basically everyone!

Here’s the best part...
No sign-in or sign-up
Unlimited revisions
No ads
Clean and simple interface
High performance

Helpful Resources
Visit SlideTeam website (http://www.slideteam.net/) and our custom Design Services section (http://www.slideteam.net/powerpoint_presentation_design_services/) to access in detail the services offered, plans and pricing, our portfolio, clients and testimonials.

Important Information
No sign-in or sign-up required to browse and experiment with the app. However, your email address will be required once you decide to submit the slides. Confirmation as well as the delivery of your customized presentation will be sent to the same email address.

About SlideTeam
SlideTeam is a custom design agency that specializes in designing professional PowerPoint presentations. The team comprises 50+ professional graphic designers with over 10,000+ hours
experience in PowerPoint as well as advanced imaging softwares like Photoshop and 3D Maya. Since its inception in 2008, SlideTeam has also become the world's largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint content. The platform currently has over 200,000 professionally designed templates, diagrams, graphics, icons, etc. to transform boring slides into a visually stunning presentation.

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