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Shoppy Lister

Shoppy Lister

by ralph danding

Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister
Shoppy Lister

The smartest and simplest shopping list apps in the history.

This application allows you keep track of your shopping list and improves the quality of your grocery shopping by managing shopping list in as few steps as possible. You can also send the list to someone else via text message, email, or other application of your choice and copy and paste them into the app to create an instant shopping list.

Highlights in Pro Version:

***** No Ads
***** Backup and Restore Database

Highlights in Lite Version:

* More than 250 common items included
* Auto suggested items  (type in 1st letter and favorite items and frequent items will show up first)
* App design for quick shopping manipulation
* Manage multiple shopping lists
* Send/Share items to your family and friends through SMS or email
* Import item list by copy and paste from your SMS or email
* Swipe left or right to remove items
* Set your country currency format
* Set quantity per item
* Set price per item
* Auto add in Master List when adding non-existing items in shopping list
* Auto Update item price in Master List when Editing item price in shopping list
* Drag and Drop each item to set priority of order in (Shopping Lists and Add/Edit Shopping List)
* Calculate total amount of all items entered in shopping list
* Sort Items by descending and ascending order
* Sort Items by cost (Low to High and vice versa)
* Sort Items by priority
* Sort Items by crossed-off items
* Read and Write Storage Permission for Backup and Restore Database
* Choose your favorite items
* Hide/Show Shopping List Name, Quantity and Price Field in (Adding/Editing Shopping List)
* Drag and Drop each item to set priority of order in (Shopping Lists and Adding/Editing Shopping List)
* Select item from master list and create instant shopping list
* Add new items to your existing shopping list
* Add all items from other shopping lists to the existing shopping list
* Duplicate your existing shopping list
* Calculate total amount of crossed-off items

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