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Secure Text Keyboard

Secure Text Keyboard

by Nuova Labs

Secure Text Keyboard
Secure Text Keyboard
Secure Text Keyboard
Secure Text Keyboard
Secure Text Keyboard

This is the most convenient app for private messaging. Use any chat app to communicate privately using this keyboard. Encrypt messages right from the keyboard with just a single tap.

Use it for sending secret messages, login details or confidential business details which only the recipient can view. The keyboard uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption to make sure your messages are super secure.

- Custom keyboard.
- Easy to install, directly from the app.
- Can work with any of your existing apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Line, SMS/messaging, Google Hangouts, etc.
- Industry standard AES-256 encryption is used to encrypt the messages.
- Strong key generation algorithm.
- Messages are not sent to the server so there is no chance of messages getting leaked.
- Supports over 20+ languages and 30+ keyboard layouts so you can send private messages in your own language.

- Install the keyboard from the app. Helpful tips guide you to do this.
- Type your secret message with Secure Text Keyboard and send it without leaving the chat application.
- Once you send an encrypted message, you have to share the key with the recipient of the message so that he/she can view the original message.
- The Secure Text Keyboard is required by the receiver as well for decrypting the messages.
- The recipient has to click on the key and it will be imported inside Secure Text Keyboard for decoding the secret message.
- On the recipient side, to read the secret messages the user just has to copy the message.
- Please keep your key safe and only send it to those whom you wish to send secret messages.


Secure Text Keyboard makes sending private messages easier than other competing encryption apps as it uses the keyboard for sending private messages. Once the keys are set up in the app, you do not have to switch back n forth between the app and your messenger/chat app. Also, since this uses the keyboard, you are not tied down to using any particular app for sending messages. Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, email or any other application of your choice for sending private messages.

- When the user installs Secure Text Keyboard, a cryptographically random key associated with the user is generated.
- Once the keyboard is installed, the messages typed by the user is locked (encrypted) with AES-256 encryption using the user’s key.
- This message will be decoded (decrypted) only by those who has the key through which the message is locked.
- That is why, you have to share the key with the user you intend to share the message.
- After importing the key, when the recipient copies a message, We try to decode it with the key of the sender.

-AES 256 encryption is used for encrypting your messages.These messages cannot be decrypted by anyone unless he has the right key to decrypt it.
-Messages are not stored on our servers, so there is no way in which we can see your messages.
-User’s input from the keyboard is not analyzed other than for encryption and decryption’s purpose.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. It is at the core of what we do. Rest assured that we do not transmit nor log any user input from the keyboard. User input is used only for the primary purpose of encryption and decryption.
For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.
Visit our site - https://securetextapp.co.in for more details and our other apps.

WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WhatsApp Inc. is not affiliated with the developers of this app.

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