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Save The Birds - Bounce Balls

Save The Birds - Bounce Balls

by Zaria Ghurair


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Save The Birds - Bounce Balls
Save The Birds - Bounce Balls
Save The Birds - Bounce Balls

Save The Birds - Bounce Balls is the most addictive arcade game you will love to play on smartphones. This is one of the best free games which are free and exciting to play.
It is one of the best physics based game with exciting themes and environment.The ball bounces and land on the tray and you have to save the birds by placing the tray on the right direction.
With multiple themes option to suite your mood and environment, you will love saving the birds from the bouncing balls by swapping your tray around the corners of the screen. Save the birds include beautiful animations and bird’s graphics that not only you would love to play, but also your kids and children will find it evenly attractive. Randomly increasing number of bouncing balls will make your gameplay even more exciting and you will find yourself spending the entire day trying to save those cute little birds of the bounces.
How to Play Save The Birds - Bounce Balls 
*Tap on play button to start the game.
*Tap left or right corner to move the tray according to the game scenario.
*Don't let the ball pass the tray.
*Bounce the ball on tray to save the birds.

Save The Birds - Bounce Balls Top Features

In single bird mode, you will be challenged to ensure safety of each and every bird in your nest, which will make the game even more enjoyable and addictive.

In the all birds mode, you will have to save at least one bird from your nest in order to keep going up in the game. This mode is comparatively easier and is recommended for children and kids.

So there is nothing to wait for, simply download this free arcade physics based game and make the most of your smartphone gaming experience.

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