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Roll Thai Balls

Roll Thai Balls

by TFG Studios


More Info

Roll Thai Balls
Roll Thai Balls
Roll Thai Balls
Roll Thai Balls
Roll Thai Balls
Roll Thai Balls

- Made with Unity 3D
- Retro
- Interactive
- Rule the Rotation
- Maze
- Pathfinding, find the correct path.
- Realistic physics puzzle games
- Challenging games
- Family
- Puzzle
- Brain exercisers
- Escape
- Easy to play and hard to master.
- Classics

Gameplay controls: Phone tilt

◊ [Normal mode]: You have 35 levels to complete. The goal is to bring all the balls in the center circle, which is surrounded by a circular labyrinth that becomes more and more difficult to pass with each level (it'll start having moving walls, moving doors, penalty doors which will reset your ball's position and sometimes you'll have more than one ball to operate).

◊ [Survival Challenge mode]: This one is more challenging and includes 50 levels that load one after another. You're timed and every time you pass through a wall or complete a level, you'll gain bonus time. You'll love it. 

◊ No complex menus, No complex instructions, No truly inaccessible levels. Just enter the menu, click on a level, play.

◊ You can create & play your own levels using the level editor. In upcoming versions of the game you'll also be able to share those levels with your friends.

◊ Here are some more details (don't read if you're lazy - the game is intuitive anyway):

‣ Currently there are normal 35 levels. Some are regular and some are pro. 
‣ We'll continue adding more and more levels in the upcoming versions of the game, especially for the survival challenge
‣ Each level has an associated "PRO time" which simply means if you complete it faster than that, you're damn good!
‣ Every time you finish a level: 
- if the next level is a regular one, it's fully unlocked
- if the next level is a pro one, it is fully unlocked only if you've completed the current level below its "PRO time" (otherwise it'll still unlock, but you'll only be able to play it for a couple of seconds - aka TRIAL). When playing a regular level, you can see the PRO completion time for it in the pause dialog.
‣You can zoom in/out by making well-known 2-finger gesture ("pinch" in/out);
‣ Each ball haves it's own physical properties (friction, bounciness, weight)

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